Lonely Planet unveils 30 must-see destinations for 2023

Lonely Planet unveils 30 must-see destinations for 2023

Alaska, South Africa, southern Scotland, the Chalkidiki Peninsula in Greece, but also Dresden, Manchester, Lima, Montevideo and Umbria in Italy. These are just some of the 30 unmissable destinations chosen by Lonely Planet experts in a new volume Best in Travel 2023, The selected destinations are divided according to 5 types of travel: ‘Taste’, ‘Itinerary’, ‘Relaxation’, ‘Connection’, ‘Discovery’.

‘Flavours’ previews the exciting culinary scenes of six destinations, from vibrant street food to fine dining restaurants. Selected destinations include Peru’s capital, Lima with a story from Chef Ricardo Martins, delicious culinary offerings from Japan’s Fukuoka, ranging from an extraordinary panorama of street food vendors to world-famous ramen, and a gastronomic scene of one. Art-rich regions such as Umbria, the only Italian destination in the selection, celebrate a special year in which the anniversary of Perugino, one of the most important painters of the Renaissance, is celebrated.

The section dedicated to ‘Itineraries’ offers six destinations for adventure seekers. Western Australia is on offer: regardless of the time available – a few days or a whole week – this vast region offers countless possibilities to take a legendary road trip. Sometimes all you need is a trip to relax and get back in touch with yourself, your partner, your family or simply the world around us. And then train journey from Istanbul to Sofia, Bhutan, Zambia, Nova Scotia in Canada.

Among the six destinations in the ‘Relaxation’ category, exotic Jordan offers tempting opportunities, described by stylist Tania George, and vibrant Jamaica, with its green and wild spirit undergoing rapid political and social change , which is composed of rainforests, rivers and crystal clear. Beaches, this is one Caribbean island that is perfect for a relaxing trip. But so are Malta, Indonesia and Dominica.

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The destinations proposed in the ‘Connection’ category have an energy that will allow you to establish a link with both the place and its people. Travelers who want to keep in touch with major figures of the local scene are directed to Accra, a glittering pole of the arts, told by Surf Ghana’s Sandy Alibo and musicians Pure Akan and Sydney, back after forced isolation In the spotlight of past years. There are also boise in the United States, Guyana, Albania, and Alaska.

In the ‘Explore’ category, Lonely Planet highlights destinations such as Marseille, where you can swim in turquoise bays, explore Roman ruins, admire contemporary art, climb limestone cliffs and One can watch the fight between break dancers or New Mexico described by Incredible. Native American hoop dancer Shandian Sonwai Lawrence. El Salvador, Dresden, Nex Mexico, Manchester and Southern Scotland are also included.

According to Lonely Planet’s Tom Hall, the release of best in travel It’s an exciting time to plan new trips: “2023 is shaping up to be the year to explore. With much of the world on a steady path of recovery, travelers are looking for different places and experiences. These lists celebrate the world in all its beautiful and inviting diversity. Each itinerary offered by Best in Travel 2023 It shows how to leave the crowds behind and really capture the heart of the destination.



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