Louise, the Queen’s niece, is a gardener at £6 an hour

Louise, the Queen's niece, is a gardener at £6 an hour

LONDON – Beware that English royals are privileged, some of them may surprise you. Like Lady Louise Windsor, daughter of Prince Edward and Countess of Wessex. The fact that she’s the Queen’s favorite niece hasn’t stopped her from spending the summer doing what thousands of her peers do after finishing high school, that is, finding a part-time job.

So, since last June, the royal granddaughter has often been seen serving clients with renewed vigor at a farm near her home, where she was hired for a salary of £6.83 an hour. There is no special behavior for Lewis, who seems to be very fond of both other employees and customers. Many of them had a hard time recognizing him when they found him in front of the store’s cashier, as they told The Sun tabloid. And polite girl, attentive and kind to all customers ». Be that as it may, this, after the first surprise movement, certainly aroused the acceptance of public opinion. “Isn’t it amazing that Her Majesty’s niece rolls up her sleeve like a normal teenager?” Ingrid Seward, editor of Majesty Magazine, expressed her happiness.

If in some way this was a propaganda gimmick, in an attempt to revive the image of the monarchy in an effort to bring it back to the younger generations, who in the vast majority regard it as an outdated institution, it certainly worked. However, we cannot exclude a genuine desire on the part of Lewis, a priori, to wish to be an eighteen-year-old like all others – or at least appear to be – a priori. Now that summer is drawing to a close, the young lady also received the much-desired results of a maturity test on Thursday that will allow her to attend the Scottish University of St Andrew’s, already attended by William and Kate. He will study English literature and patience if it is not a course that guarantees a secure job for the future. Mal Che can return to Vada Garden Centre.

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