M5S, Conte: ‘Loyal to Draghi but we demand respect for commitments’

M5S, Conte: 'Loyal to Draghi but we demand respect for commitments'

“We are loyal to the government, but we haven’t written a blank cheque. We won’t be ‘cool and good’ when it comes to protecting our values. We demand respect for commitments.” to talk, in a long interview with Corriere della Sera The former Prime Minister, today is the President of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte.

future of executive


M5S, Conte convened a parliamentary assembly to elect their representatives

Asked whether or not he was disappointed at not founding his own party, Conte replied that he regretted nothing: ,Attacks by the press and some political opponents confirm that we are on the right track. The process of relaunching the M5S is just at the beginning and we are already so scared. Sowing results will take time”. And on the future of the executive: “This is a government of national unity, now thinking of projecting its action beyond 2023 is a gamble”.

Quirinale’s Race


Election, Conte: “Repeal wins. M5s duty is to answer”

Colle’s race? “Totonomy is a distraction,” Kantav says. Not to Draghi? “Not to the people who drag Draghi by the jacket. They push him to Quirinale, they force him to stay until the end of the term, they project him beyond 2023. The opposite of everything and everything.” “. And on Berlusconi: “Good luck on his acquittal, but he’s not our candidate.” On electoral law: “I don’t think proportionally badly with the 5% limit and constructive distrust. This will guarantee stability to governments.” Grillo and Di Maio at the end: “I feel both. Those who Wanting to separate us, their mouth will dry up. After great preparation, it will be suicidal for all to destroy a new course, which has just begun and which is the need of the hour”.

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