M5S, Ferrara: Useless, extravagant plan for cleaning up the flops

Paolo Ferrara

Rome – “Today at the budget committee we discussed the topic of the extraordinary city cleanup plan, which was launched in Protomotoca with great fanfare by Mayor Gualtieri when he spoke of a 40 million investment under the Christmas holidays.”

“Well, today the three-card game between Ama, Commissioner Alphonse and the Scottish Deputy Mayor has been revealed and the plan collapses because only a sandcastle can collapse; In short, the flop not only emerged in all its importance, but also the fact that it was pure propaganda.”

“Above all, we do not know where the money went or how it was spent. Not only has the city remained dirty, but the future is grim for it. In all of this Rion Monty is covered with garbage and going door-to-door with stakes.”

“The situation is also very unclear regarding Ama’s management, with the appointment of the investor’s future CEO on the horizon, where Andrea Bossola is in pole position: a candidate for whom an ethical problem is as big as a household, 2017 It has been indicted in the U.S. for an environmental disaster caused by the drying up of Lake Bracciano. In short, the capital of Italy does not deserve so much environmental uncertainty”. Thus Capitoline councilor Paolo Ferrara (M5S) in a note. (Dear Agency)

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