M5S, Meleo: memories of the past on Scottish off-balance sheet loans

Linda Meleo

Rome – “To answer Gualtieri and the Scottish councilor on the unfinished process of some off-balance-sheet loan proposals by our administration, let’s take a step back in time. We are particularly at early 2014, when the head of accounts (Giunta Marino) was actually Scottish.”

“There was heavy rain in February. Taking the pretext of this significant atmospheric event, hundreds of direct credit lines were created using the instant process, thus generating a significant amount of off-balance sheet debt that had to be accounted for and paid off. ,

“The problem is that this equipment was misused: excessive urgency was used not only to eliminate imminent hazards of damage to buildings or roads, as required by law, but also to perform normal and extraordinary maintenance (which should have instead followed a normal tender process), clearly violates the procurement code and any principles of competition, transparency and anti-corruption.”

“A process that has effectively bypassed regulations and procurement codes. To address this chaos, the then councilor of Public Works was replaced, and Alfonso Sabella, meanwhile, was appointed councilor for legitimacy by the former Marino mayor after the outbreak of the investigation known as the “Mafia Capital”. The matter was reported to the competent offices. Sabella also talks about it in detail in one of her 2016 books, which I had the opportunity to read myself.”

“But the services, above all, were provided by companies and as such, had to be paid for. The direct assignments involved small and large figures. We were among the credit lines of 700 thousand euros for a school building, gardeners Those in charge of training in the K school oscillate between 16 thousand euros (for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014) for external subjects.

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“We also find interventions before 2012 to clean up a small green area, which was directly assigned to the nursery for about 8 thousand euros. In short, a huge procedural, administrative and accounting disaster, fragmented and, therefore, offices It is difficult to manage by. The Scottish commissioners were the bearers of the budget in those years, so why didn’t they take care of organizing these matches?”

“She didn’t take action to fix all the great chaos, but she now threatens to condemn those who put everything back in order, including the offices and the Capitoline employees whom she called at the time.” was abandoned, creating chaos and inertia. I conclude that the councilor had a good idea that someone else must have been ‘getting their hands dirty’.”

“After joining the council in April 2014, in fact, she resigned at the end of July 2015 (about 3 months before former Mayor Merino’s distrust), arguing that, even in public interviews, one of the reasons for this More was the work done directly in those years. During the period of its activity, only 37 off-balance-sheet loan proposals were approved by the Capitoline Assembly to regularize dozens and dozens of emergency sums and other loans.

“We will take care of all this, if necessary, to give correct information to all competent offices. In light of all this, I believe that, instead of looking at some proposals whose process has not yet closed, the commissioner would have made a better impression if she had kept quiet and confined herself to recounting that story. which she herself was. An active hero for the role he covered during the Merino administration, and for helping the same offices, executives and managers of Roma Capital whom you chose to leave 6 years ago alone to manage the mountains of papers and uncertainty” So did Linda Meleo, leader of the M5S group in the Capitoline Assembly, in an article on Afari Italian. (Deer Agency)

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