Magical football nights. With Italy that starts all over again – Giuseppe Careri. By

  Magical football nights.  With Italy that starts all over again - Giuseppe Careri.  By

After a stunning 2-1 victory over Belgium in the European Cup quarter-finals, Soccer Italy prepares to face the Spanish national team threats in the semi-finals on Tuesday, 6 July, at Wembley Stadium in London. , world football.

Fifteen million viewers watched Italy’s match against Belgium on TV like they hadn’t in a while; Thousands of fans took to the squares and streets across Italy with carousels, glee, joy, lightness and joy to celebrate the victory of our national team.

The enthusiasm of fans, who have forgotten the pandemic, the virus and its forms for at least a day, especially Delta, which is now 22% in Italy, but 35% in Lazio and 56% in Abruzzo. Altogether 16 regions are “touched” by the Indian version.

Of course the joy of the victory that catapulted Italy to the semi-finals with Spain is irreversible, but pictures of stadiums filled with thousands of enthusiastic fans, close to each other, is a worrying image that makes us’ UEFA and managers reflect. should do. of the European Championship.

As reported by the Ansa Agency, in 1991 Scottish fans after attending matches for the Scottish national team tested positive for the contagion in two weeks.

Appropriately, after the victory over Germany, England invited football fans to watch matches on television from home to avoid further infection. The Lazio region has issued a 5-day quarantine order preventing UK fans from entering Rome’s Olympic Stadium to watch the match against Ukraine.

In turn, the English Football Association has decided not to sell reserved tickets to England fans for yesterday’s quarter-final match in the United Kingdom, which saw the English team win 4 to 0.

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For a couple of weeks, the European football championships have left many people at risk of contracting the virus, especially at the absurd gatherings seen in stadiums. It’s not just the fans’ fault. But a failure to respect an impossible distance when the number of fans is very high, as shown by television images seen in most stadiums.

Of course, there’s a crazy economic activity behind the game of football, starting with hiring soccer players, coaches, and everyone else who revolves around the most beautiful sport in the world. But this cannot justify the increase in positivity that will prolong the pandemic over time.

It is not allowed to increase income through a large number of spectators in stadiums, then to pay a player worth 90 million euros to sign a club team or who receives 3/4 million for a season. At one time the whole world has been traversed by a perpetual economic crisis.

Italy made us the dream and we will go ahead with the same passion in the next two games with Spain and England/Denmark winners.

It made us dream, it will make us dream again. His victory triggered a new optimism for the future in the economic and social spheres as well. This is the recovery after so many months of restrictions and restrictions. However, we cannot forget the risks of a potentially large-scale return of the virus of rapid Indian infection, however always fraudulent.

In Italy we are facing a complex political season, with constant diatribes trying to oust Prime Minister Draghi. The five-star crisis, between guarantor Beppe Grillo and former Prime Minister Conte, would further complicate the government’s path if they did not find a solution to avoid the division of the movement, which, in turn, is subject to an attempted layoff. But to ease the suffering of many workers or, worse yet, without jobs and wages necessary to live without and support a family. So let’s enjoy the next match against Spain, let’s do it with distance and responsibility.

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We enthusiastically support our players, but we must not forget the pandemic with its viral load that still scares us.

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