Majority for new independence vote in Scottish Parliament

Majority for new independence vote in Scottish Parliament

According to a coalition agreement in the Scottish Parliament, supporters of a new independence referendum hold a majority there.

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said on Friday that it was “impossible on any democratic basis” for the government in London to deny the Scottish people decisions about their future.

Your Scottish National Party (SNP) previously had a deal with the Greens, making them part of the government for the first time in British history. The SNP needs seven Greens seats for a majority.

referendum until 2023

Sturgeon wants a second referendum on independence by the end of 2023. Scotland’s joining the EU is being discussed as a scenario after a possible separation from England and Wales after 314 years. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s UK government takes the position that it should approve a re-vote which it rejects. Scots voted with 55 to 45 percent to remain in the state in 2014. The latest surveys currently indicate a dire picture.

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