Manager Responds to Akil Lauro and Celebrity Hunted’s Controversy

Manager Responds to Controversy Over Akil Lauro and Celebrity Hunt: “We categorically deny” (on Monday 14 June 2021)
Alla Controversy its alone lauro I famous person Prey he answers manager, Angelo Calculi. he denies Clearly. There has never been a problem between the artist and the production and what Dagospia reports should be considered false. Therefore, there is no problem in managing alone lauro behind the scenes of the program famous person Prey, produced by Endemol Shine Italy, in which the artist took part among the protagonists of the new …read on optimagazine


wannabelau : In the next brawl you will win a set of gold plated cutlery, this brawl is as useless as – marvinsroom_6 : Sticazzi about the umpteenth controversy of the day, when Caporatto returns to the great with the sponsorship of Bidoo? – gaia_tz91 : RT@_annamaria_00: I don’t think you are creating controversy about the fact that T did not advertise S’s song. _annamaria_00 : I can’t believe you are creating controversy about the fact that T did not advertise S’s song. angelredblack1 :RT @DomaniGiornale: For the first time in the 21st century the Scottish national team moves into the final stages of a tournament for representatives… –

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