Manchester United’s self-destructive spiral

manchester united

A few days ago, watching Manchester United suffer another scorching defeat in the league (4-1 against Claudio Ranieri’s Watford), many probably wondered how, in a few years, Manchester United are now a copy of that squadron. The one who sowed panic across Europe from the 90s to the early 2000s.

What happened? It’s hard to tell. Given the excellent economic health that the club has historically enjoyed, Sir Alex Ferguson’s conditions were all set to continue winning after retirement.

Instead of doing nothing. Ole Gunnar Solskjöri This is only the latest in a long series of coveted discounts.

It is said that in order to understand and overcome any failure it is necessary to look back, to examine clearly the reasons that led to this or that defeat.

In sports, as in life, it is not necessarily a problem to “go highwire”. However, it is important to understand, and development of different strategies Which allows us to plan a path along which we can return to success as quickly as possible.

So here’s a quick rundown of the last 30 years of the Red Devils, in the hope that they may soon return as the battleship we’ve all been praising for so long.

Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson (1986 – 2013)

The “Golden Age” of Manchester United. After showing himself at the helm of Aberdeen with three Scottish Championship victories and a sensational 1983 Europa League victory, Sir Alex took the reins of Manchester United, giving him an almost infinite series of victories: 13 championships, five FA Cups And above all, two Champions Leagues.

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Many absolute champions in football history have made yet another qualitative leap thanks to their valuable guides: from York and Cole, passing Giggs and Scholes, to Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo.

During United’s recent 5-0 win against Liverpool, he was seen snoring clearly in the stands And there are those who argue that their opinion still matters a lot in the choice of a new coach.

David Moyes (2013-2014)

West Ham’s current manager (now fourth), in agreement with Sir Alex, was chosen as the right manager to continue that unstoppable winning streak.

Although the Red Devils saw Moyes win their first professional trophy (the Community Shield against Wigan), the experience would prove to be a setback, ending before the end of the championship. The team would then move on to Ryan Giggs until the end of the season.

Given the current successes of the Scottish manager (from Glasgow, like Ferguson), it is doubtful that United’s management lacks some patience.

Louis van Gaal (2014-2016)

For two seasons it would be the Dutch technical history to try to revive Manchester United’s fortunes with modest results.

However, the umpteenth . in spite of pharaoh purchasing campaign, with $30 million spent on Andare Herrera, 40 for Luke Shaw and nearly 80 for Angel Di Maria, the first season proves to be below expectations, though a clear improvement over the previous season: fourth place, three places And six points more.

The following season he manages to lead United to victory in the FA Cup, but still it is rumored that the locker room is completely broken with the coach and his staff. Especially a 3-0 defeat would be fatal faced against Tottenham in London.

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Manchester United

Jose Mourinho (2016-2018)

Anyone who knows the story of the great Portuguese manager is aware of the rumor that Mourinho has always dreamed of succeeding Ferguson at the helm of United. It is no coincidence that in the historic feuds against allies during Chelsea’s days, there has never been a moment of tension with Sir Alex.

United, under the guidance of a former Inter coach, knows their most successful moment in recent times: a Europa League, an English Super Cup and an English Cup.

Despite successes, especially in the first half of their assignment, United struggled to leapfrog in quality, never really managing to clinch the English title.

The relationship with the Red Devils is thus disrupted in December 2018. The team would therefore pass on to another old glory of the club, which was at least initially a temporary assignment: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

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