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“I also Dark nights expect a new dawn». Queen ElizabethLyrics from Windsor – Christmas tree in the background, On the desk was a photo of 100-year-old Filippo, his spouse in 1947, 2021 – Spoken to the nation in his traditional Christmas speech, relying on the power of light and faith in the future. After twelve months of trying London, Britain and the world. There is no mention of BrexitA very personal, human discourse, very close to the daily hardships of those suffering from the epidemic.

«Every year, light creates more than festive air, it brings hope. For Christians, Jesus is the light of the world. This year people of all religions have not been able to celebrate the day as they would like today»Continued Elizabeth II. But in such a difficult year there was no shortage of stories of those who tried their best to cope with the difficulties. “A year that kept people divided brought the stories of those who have served others.” Such stories have been seen in Britain and around the world and “Shaken with pride and this indomitable spirit», I have been touched by such an indomitable and courageous spirit in facing difficulties.

Closing his speech, the sovereign addressed an idea The pain has been suffered by many people in recent months. “For many people, these holidays are sad, they mourn their dead, others miss friends and family as they go away.If you are one of these people who are just there to hug or shake hands, then know that you are not aloneSaid queen to join in this sense of unusual solitude at Christmas. For that too. “Christmas lights and hope guide us in the future. It is in this spirit that I wish you a very Merry Christmas»Elisabeth was included.

«On TV on BBC and ITV, via radio on BBC Radio 4, and For the first time this year, the Christmas broadcast is also available through Amazon’s Alexa.Windsor’s Twitter account announced. Another innovation for Christmas speeches, a tradition started by George V in 1932, which also came on Kindle in 2012.

Carlo and Camilla, On this lonely Christmas day, like never before, meanwhile he released an image of her a few months ago. Birkhal’s Scottish Property. Too smiling, relaxed, as if to indicate that now, with the Brexit Agreement, the vaccination campaign has already begun in the United Kingdom, the worst is actually behind us. Whatever it is is to look forward to 2021 with optimism.

Following the Queen’s Christmas message, it will be the Arce of Wessex, Edoardo, which will present the Chapel Royal Choir for radio on ClassicFM for a traditional concert. Christmas carols. “One of the advantages of radio is that social differences do not matter. We can just listen and everything is as usual ». Yes, in such an unusual year, at least the Christmas concert from the royal chapel – even if recorded without an audience – would ever be a traditional Christmas appointment.

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