‘March on Rome’ in the days of Venice

marcia su roma venezia

in the nineteenth edition of writers day from Venice march on rome From mark cousinThe director has written in collaboration with himself Tony Sacucci, in caste alba rohrwacher,

The production is by Carlo degli Asposti and Nicola Serra. Palomarco-production with Andrea Romeo and in collaboration with tester And this Experimental Center of Cinematography,

International distribution is controlled by? match factory and from italian i wonder pictures,

in launch 31 August 2022 11.30 in the Pearl Room. The screening is followed by a debate with questions and answers from the authors.

what is it about march on rome

The film, a historical documentary presented in a narrative style, featuring the director, tells the story of the rise of fascism in Italy and its expansion into the rest of Europe during the 1930s. A document that serves not only to look back, but to correct Italian and refer to the present by looking at contemporary political communication.

“Far-right politics exists in many places” […] It is a theme that has run through most of my career and the centenary of the March on Rome was a good opportunity to return.”

Mark Cousins, Director

the director

mark cousin is an Irish-Scottish director and writer, born in Belfast and raised in what was then Northern Ireland troublesHistorical period compared to the years of our leadership.

He is a writer who has always devoted himself to using cinema as a means of observation and analysis of society. Often from the public eye. This is what it does in 2009 first film In which he shoots a documentary in the Kurdish-Iraqi village of Goptpa of 700 people and gives Iraqi children a camera and they make short videos about their imaginary world.

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In 2018 she works with women and women of cinema, in particular, making Women Make Film: A New Road Movie Through CinemaIt took thirteen years of work and five continents to tell women’s eyes on cinema and their products.

Also in 2018 it changes Orson Welles’s lookPortrait of one of the greatest writers in the history of cinema.


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