Marine ecosystem, an asset to protect and enhance

Marine ecosystem, an asset to protect and enhance

marine ecosystem It is a precious commodity with biodiversity extremely diverse who needs be protected, In Italy, for example, there are approximately eight thousand kilometers of coasts with related economic and social sectors, such as energy production, tourism and fishing. protection of marine ecosystems and the so-called blue economy need new strategies able to enhance this natural heritage and at the same time fulfill an educational activity In this sense towards the younger generation. has this issue on Acli Terra . interviewed the national president of Nikola Tablet,

Nicola Tavoletta, National President of Aqui Terras


What is the economic and social value of the marine ecosystem and the associated economic sector?

“Too often we underestimate the obvious in looking for economic and social values ​​in every event, without delving into the most obvious manifestations. Planet Earth is covered by 71% seas and oceans, this data highlighting the economic and social value of this natural manifestation. Sea transport continues to represent the main “vehicle” for the development of international trade: 90% of goods travel by sea. This accounts for about 12% of global GDP. By 2025, worldwide Container handling in the U.S. will grow at an average annual rate of 4.8% to reach 1 billion TEUs and ship orders over 15,000 TEUs are expected to grow +17% by 2023. In Italy, component international shipping is still relevant despite the pandemic. In 2016, the value of trade was worth more than EUR 206 billion, registering -17% on 2019, but in the first quarter of 2021, import exports by sea immediately registered + 3%. In these figures we only looked at international logistics. highlighted but tourism, fishing and aquaculture or energy production There are obviously important things like that. The European Blue Economy, for example, employs about 4.5 million people in the region, totaling 665 billion euros and contributing significantly to the continental economy as a whole. I could go on for hours to remember the impressive statistics, for which the sea is one of the main engines of sociality and the world economy, let alone the Italian. We are a strategically and historically important peninsula in the Mediterranean Sea and in maritime relations, we have a coastline of 7,914 km. Do we still need data to rediscover potential? We can only try harder, perhaps reintroducing an institutionally important context such as the Ministry of the Seas. It is unlikely that with this national reality, which must be faced with the European and world one, we have a maritime delegation divided into four ministries, which influence maritime business and policy. This is a strategic mistake, we are politically stifling a national and popular business for the sake of economy and socialism. It will also be an administrative simplification.”

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How can work in the maritime sector and environmental protection be promoted?

“An immediate action is to create suitable welfare for the families of all seafarers, so that the youth do not leave the sector. Working at sea and caring for children is far more complex than any other profession, so the need for this sector Also aids in the educational development of children across categories. Recognition of a “difficult profession” for fishermen is a priority. Then a greater introduction to aquaculture with improved technical controls would be useful. Along with the commitment of fishermen in ports Building centers for the collection of plastic waste, as in Lazio and Puglia, for example. We also envision experiments to resettle species such as lobsters, as successfully done in Scotland and Scandinavia.

Mazara Fishermen

What are Ecli Terra’s proposals and future expectations in this area?

“With this mandate Aqui Terra has regained its function in the representation of the maritime industries and is calling for harmonization of maritime policies with, well, an ad-hoc ministry in the next government as well as departments specific to the regions. It proposes an educational and training action in schools to enable students to know the sea in its entirety, being a people of seafarers historically. We are not and will not compromise in our trade union work. We also look forward to the construction of eco-sustainable landings on Italian shores to facilitate maritime tradition, which has an extraordinary potential. Let’s stay here together, but we invite you to two appointments. On 22 August in Rimini we will meet a girls start-up that promotes the trade of exotic species such as the blue crab and on 9 September in Bologna SANA 2022 during In the two-day seminar, we will deepen the topic of aquaculture and organic”.

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