“Maybe You Didn’t Want to Be Loved as Much as You Wanted to Understand” by George Orwell

"Forse non si desiderava tanto essere amati, quanto essere capiti" di George Orwell

George Orwell was born on June 25, 1903, the author who was able to create his masterpiece “1984“A dystopian universe that still worries readers today. To celebrate his anniversary, let’s start today with one of his sentences, taken from the masterpiece “1984.”

Maybe he didn’t want to be loved enough to be understood.

Lazio regional councilor Barillari’s tweet citing Orwell’s 1984, an apparent reference to the new DPCM, immediately opened up to the world of social media.

importance of understanding

Writer George Orwell referred to the sentiments between people as “perhaps no one wants to be loved as much as is understood.” The dilemma is: what really matters? To understand, or rather to love? Do we like the person by our side who always understands us, not the one who loves us? Tough questions that we are still called to answer today.

Another George Orwell phrase that comes to mind when we think about it: “In a time of universal lying, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Also in this case we are invited to reflect on ourselves and the lies that we often turn to, especially when it comes to feelings.

George Orwell

Orwell is certainly one of the most important British writers of all time. Not only for his artistic output but also for his philosophy of life and his civic and social commitment. Born in an English colony in the Indian state of Bengal by the name of Eric Arthur Blair, he soon moved to England with his mother and sister, a family of Scottish descent. There he attended schools and universities all without completing degree courses.

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Given that he spent most of his time in poverty and was constantly plagued by diseases, it is a miracle that Orwell was able to print ten books and two collections of essays in just forty-six years. In the book “Between Disdain and Passion” emerges a generous and passionate man, a communicator of great foresight. But also a provocative and determined political activist, a radical personality like in his novels.

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The action takes place in a world in the near future (1984) in which power is concentrated in three giant superstates: Oceania, Eurasia, and Astasia. At the helm of political power in Oceania is Big Brother, omniscient and infallible, whom no one has personally seen. The Ministry of Truth, in which the main character, Smith, works, has the task of censoring books and newspapers that do not conform to official politics, to alter history and reduce the language’s expressive possibilities.

Though kept under surveillance by cameras, Smith begins to lead a “subversive” existence. The book, written in 1949, is considered one of the clearest representations of totalitarianism.


Today is the birth anniversary of George Orwell, the author of the 1984 masterpiece. The book which was censored for a long time but is still very relevant today.


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