Meanwhile, what happens in the world

Meanwhile, what happens in the world

On January 28, eight former leaders of the rebel group Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) of Colombia were convicted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, and in particular for kidnapping more than 21,000 people during the conflict. This provision was issued in 2016 by the Special Peace Tribunal established after the signing of the peace agreement between the government and Farc. Rodrigo Londoño, as indicated, is known as Timochenko, the current leader of the Partido Comunes (Party of Common).

United States of america
On January 28, President Joe Biden did it again Authorized Started by Ronald Reagan and later ratified by Republican presidents, including Donald Trump, the federal government funding foreign unions or informing abortions abrogated the so-called “Mexico City policy”. Biden also ordered a review of the freeze on funds for US abortion clinics.

The Supreme Court acquitted Anglo-Pakistani jihadist Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh on January 28 on charges of kidnapping and murdering an American journalist. Daniel pearl, And ordered his immediate release. Omar Sheikh was sentenced to death in 2002, but last April was sentenced to seven years in prison by the High Court of Sindh Province on charges of simple kidnapping. The White House called Omar Sheikh’s release “an insult to victims of terrorism worldwide”.

On January 28, a gay couple was publicly killed in Banda Acheh, on the island of Sumatra, after being found guilty of performing sexual acts in public. Two people between the ages of 27 and 29 reported last November by a neighbor, each receiving 77 lashes according to Islamic law in Ash province.

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On a visit to Scotland on 28 January, Prime Minister Boris Johnson opposed a new referendum for the region’s independence. In 2014, 55 percent of Scott favored living in the UK. But according to the Scottish National Party (SNP, pro-independence), a big favorite of local elections for spring, Brexit justifies the organization of a new referendum.

United Kingdom-Mauritius
On 28 January, the International Tribunal of the Sea of ​​Law for an independent United Nations body ruled that the United Kingdom did not have sovereigntyChagos IslandsIn the Indian Ocean, he challenged London’s refusal to return them to the island state of Mauritius. This decision confirms the decision made earlier by the International Court of Justice and a resolution passed by the United Nations General Assembly.


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