Medical care in Gedarn: CDU relies on dialogue

Medical care in Gedarn: CDU relies on dialogue

When it comes to medical care, Gatherin CDU is keen not to discontinue previously possible solutions, as the discussion partners are separated.

GEDERN – “FWG with its coalition partners SPD and UBG seeking medical center with each other”, criticized Gedern CDU in a press release. On the other hand, the union is already keen to not close a solution to ensure medical care at Gedran as the discussion partners will be separated.

Since Schlossbergklinik belongs to the Wetterau Health Center (GZW) and will compete with the construction of the medical center, a realization of medical care will only succeed with the institution responsible for the facility. Especially since the doctor’s assignment should be done in coordination with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance physicians. Furthermore, the city of Geddern would certainly not be able to finance another large project. “So, there are really only a few options for action,” Christian Democrats point out.

You therefore suggest that in the future Gederner Schlossbergklinik speak to GZW and decision-makers to maintain medical care and – where necessary – improve it. The CDU said in its press release, “The basis for the discussion should be to end complaints and expand services. Closing the clinic, even if partially, when a doctor is on leave or ill, is unacceptable.” is.” In his opinion, one idea would be to construct a type of polyclinic with various doctors in private dealings with private investors. “It would be extremely ambitious,” explains Cederan, who lives in relatively small numbers in Gedarn.

In the Sangh’s view, none of these ideas would remedy the shortage of doctors in rural areas. It is therefore a permanent function of domestic politics to provide support within the framework of their limited possibilities and establish contact and communication channels with decision-makers.

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A backward-looking discussion is not expedient, after the CDU asserts in its latest press release by the FWG that decisive mistakes about the Schlossberg clinic were made in the 1990s (Cress-Engiger report). “The first City Council signatures at that time on the contract could certainly be made only with the consent of the majority in the City Council, and it also approved the merger with the Shotten District Hospital”, emphasized the CDU.

The topic of medical care in Gedran is too complex to politicize as an election campaign issue. Medical care should be a permanent task for all actors in Gedern politics and can only be approached in dialogue with the state, district, GZW and the statutory health insurance practitioners association. “Mutual accusations do not bring us one step further. All political camps must focus on cooperative cooperation here for the good of the city of Gedran and its residents,” CDU emphasized in the conclusion.


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