Michael Flynn: Trump may deploy troops to ‘run’ the election

Michael Flynn: Trump may deploy troops to 'run' the election

On Thursday, Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, said President TrumpDonald Trumpjill Biden: Doctorate is something I’m most proud of. Azhar tells health department staff that his wife has covid-19: Restored the corresponding standing position The military could be deployed to “run” the 2020 election again.

During a look at NewsmaxGreg Kelly Reports was asked if the president could take the line to undo the election results.

Flynn suggested the president could seize every voting machine across the country, then he suggested deploying the army in a swing that the president lost to the president-elect Biden.

“Within those swing states, they can take military capabilities if they want and basically fight every election in those states,” Flynn said.

Flynn added that using the military is “unprecedented”, saying people talk about it “like we never did,” but he also said he “doesn’t call for it.”

He said tial has been made martial law 64 times. “So I’m not calling for that. We have a constitutional process, and we have to follow it. ”

The president and his allies have continued to claim that Trump won the election and insisted on voter fraud. In numerous court challenges, lawyers for the president and his campaign have provided no evidence of these claims.

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During the “Stop Theft” rally Last saturday Flynn continued to challenge the results of the 2020 election, with a majority of the president backing the president despite losing the election challenges.

“In this crucial moment of our time, we must pray that truth triumphs over falsehood, justice triumphs over abuse and deception, and honesty triumphs over corruption,” Flynn said. “Our holy honor triumphs over disgrace.”

Meanwhile, the College of Elections on Monday certified Biden as the winner of the 2020 election.


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