Micheeti who? who annexed the authority in Rome with the help of Giorgia Meloni

  Micheeti who?  who annexed the authority in Rome with the help of Giorgia Meloni

“The candidate for mayor should be such Professor Michetti, they say a good one but I don’t know him”. So it was only in the month of May that a reliable source within the centre-right guessed the name of the man who would run for the Capitol. Doubts and many complications.

and months later Mitcheti remained ‘Who’s Mitcheti?’ Election posters. Not only did more than half of the people vote for the Romans who preferred to stay at home. The administrative lawyer avoids confrontation, controversial statements, and a truly vague idea of ​​the city, between unsettled candidates, not even quite convincing himself. And not just for lack of fame. The link and knowledge of the field was missing.

Meloni has forgotten the neighborhood of Rome And the army of all those extremists and politicians who carry the flag of the center from the center to the periphery. Not all political classes active and working in the territories over the years have grown. Prepared and appreciated. Little was heard among the top choices: many, and they didn’t hide it in the spring days when tables followed each other to indicate the mayoral candidate wanted a top man or woman. “With a clear political history”. Especially in Rome. Big names, however, from Meloni to Rampelli himself, slipped: more predictable to remain on the national scene.

Thus the civic profile chosen by Meloni and for which the leaders of the Brothers of Italy have already repented, clouded the forces of the centre-right. It’s even pulled the town hall down, Of the fifteen, only VI le Torri was not painted red. In others all the advantages of the first round are reversed. Avoidance (but who’s going to convince the voters?) But total disconnection also weighed in with militants, lieutenants of the regions.

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Power play and spectacle have raged within a torn alliance, in which unity and unity are only in the proclamations. The disoriented voters, overwhelmed by the “castle” maneuvers between candidates in Rome, moved from region to region as pawns, not losing a place on the chessboard of municipalities such as Pietrangelo Massaro in XII, or Domenico Naso. thrown in the field for. XIV. The presidential candidate has no political experience or roots in the region, while the historic city councilor stood by the window: the pawn for a chance denied him the name of a city division that shows little in merit and history. .

The mayoral candidate chosen by Meloni did the rest: The bridge effect was not, on the contrary. Because being one’s main sponsor doesn’t matter: name, commitment, and fighting over territories still matter in Rome. Even if you’re Giorgia Meloni, “Mr.” isn’t enough to choose. Wolf “Whatever has to be won.


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