Million new iPhone 12 users have been warned

Million new iPhone 12 users have been warned

Apple’s new iPhone 12 range is selling like hot cakes, but millions of potential upgrades should catch fire now.

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Spotted by MCummers, A large number of users are reporting that SMS messaging has broken down on the new iPhone 12 models. Complaints range from being unable to send or receive SMS, to missing messages in group chats and notifications for SMS messages from which to receive. The problem is also hitting some older models.

As a result, the official @applesupport Twitter account is coming up Lit. Above By frustrated users:

“સ Apple Support When will you fix this issue on iPhone 12 where I, and most other iPhone 12 pro users, are not receiving SMS text?” – Source

“I can confirm that this is true. I am missing about 1/3 of the texts in Green Bubble Group Chat and I have an iPhone 12 Pro Max. The wife is on iOS 14.2 on iOS X and none of her is missing. “- Source

“Hey @ Apple support I just got my new iPhone 12 Pro and I am not getting SMS messages. Can you help? ” Source

“When will the bug that caused me not to receive all SMS text messages be resolved? I have been an iPhone user for 10 years, but I am going to give this iPhone 12 Pro back. ”- Source

Is there any improvement in the main issue of non-receipt of SMS messages of iPhone 12 in પોર્ટ S PulseSports? This is going to be very annoying. ”- Source

“સ Apple Support You guys are going to fix the iMessage / Text issue with the iPhone right now. It’s missing 25% of my texts.” – Source

“I haven’t received text notifications since I updated my phone and I don’t know @ Apple” – Source

“સ Apple support um, what’s going on with SMS Texts? I’m getting an SMS text after 24 hours. “- Source

@ S PlusPort I need to fix the text message notification bug. I have been missing important text messages since I downloaded iOS 14. “- Source

Interestingly, for some owners of older iPhones, it appears that the problem is spreading from surface to surface. Advent of iOS 14. But only with the launch of the new iPhone 12 models has the problem become more widespread, something Apple Play has yet to acknowledge:

“I’ve got a problem ticket for Apple Pal and TM Mob and nothing yet. Advanced in engineering but still nothing heard. Apple Pal Tech was very skeptical that this was their issue, but it is very broad. “- Source

I have contacted Apple Pal and will update this article when I get any feedback. In the meantime, potentially serious consequences are given for not receiving SMS messages (which is also crucial). Two-factor authentication), I would advise buyers considering any iPhone 12 model to stop buying until this update is made.


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