Municipality: Swag, the Mayor of Padua Most Admired and Well-known

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And’ Sergio Giordani, The re-elected mayor of Padua, the most famous mayor who has more confidence than the mayors elected in Genoa and Palermo. This is what Swag found in its radar survey on Special Election Day.
In the poll Giordani received 95% positive answers in terms of the mayor’s “notoriety” and collected 98% of the “trust” among voters who voted for him.

However, Giordani collects a lot of confidence even among voters who did not vote for him: the share of favorable responses is actually 32%.

The other two mayors, Marco Bucci in Genoa and Roberto Lagla in Palermo, have received a share in terms of “notoriety” of 90% for the first Ligurian citizen and 65% for the Sicilian, respectively.

Of the voters who voted for him, Bookie received 96% of “confidence” and Lagalla 93%. However, among voters voting for another candidate, the bookie receives the “trust” of 23% of their sample and Lagala of 11%.

Methodology Note Survey: CATI-CAMI-CAWI Sample: 800 voters living in Genoa, 800 voters living in Padua and 800 voters living in Palermo

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