Nations League, Scotland–Ukraine 3–0: McGinn and Dykes win and finish first in the group

Scotland flies to the top of their group and ‘sees’ promotion to League A of the Nations League: they are 3–0 away from Ukraine at Hampden Park.

There Scotland imposes itself 3-0 against GlasgowUkraine in a recovery match of League B’s Group 1 And, based on three points placed in the farmhouse, the group flies to the top of the standings.

Intense match played in Hampden ParkAccompanied by guests who were favored at a very early stage, mainly carried by the monetary jewel.

Scotland, as the minutes passed, however, managed to raise their center of gravity and take control of the game. The men, led by Steve Clarke in particular, make up a lot with Adams, Christie and Armstrong touching the net, but they can’t seem to find the right flick for the advantage during the first 45.

The tactical plot did not change in the second half: Ukraine got off to a good start, but Scotland made the right move and managed to close their opponents in their own half.

The guests thank mainly Trubin’s parade. The Scottish team dominates, but often lacks accuracy when it comes to finishing. Armstrong tries a few times without hitting the goal, while in the 63rd minute it is the crossbar that deprives Adams of the joy of a goal.

However the appointment with benefits has been postponed only for 70 ‘when’ McGuino Receives the ball in the field, defends it with strength and physique and kicks it behind Trubin for 1-0.

Ukraine fails to react and the hosts pass again in the 80th minute: corner beaten from the left, dyke He jumps higher than anyone and leads the ball where the opposing goalkeeper cannot reach.

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On 86′ the goal that is worth 3-0 Scottish is an exact photocopy of another: another corner kick from the left and another troop dyke Who puts the ball behind Trubin with the same speed as a few minutes ago.

Scotland has thus reached the top of League B Group 1 9 points scored in four matches, Ukraine, which participates in the first defeat in the tournament, is tied at 7th place in second place.


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