“Needs a test if it’s of quality, it’s bullshit”

(Adnkronos) – “The current maturity test. If you finish it, that’s it, it’s so stupid”. Thus Massimo Cassiari commented with Adancronos on the approach of ‘Libero’ editorial director, Vittorio Feltri, convinced that the ordeal should be abolished because the path already taken to reach the previous year matters. . However, for Cacciari “If only the route taken to get to the exam is to be authentic, then the graduate exams must also be abolished. What’s the point? The question is what type of test is taken. Quiz, then Better finish everything. It’s clear. The subject is, in short, a test yes or no exam. It is the quality of the test that makes the difference”.

“The examination – deepens the kaikiyari – is also a useful test for character, as it forces, above all final examinations, a particular discipline. However, I am speaking of the past”.

“In essence nothing is useful or useless, depending on how it’s done. Once upon a time a high school exam—underlines the professor—was a test of character because it gave you a very remarkable technical- Forced mental practice, given the commitment of the test in which the student is asked to bring all three-year high school programs of all subjects. And this can be useful. On the other hand, if the student has to bring one subject or two subjects. So the utility seems to me very relative and in the sense that if they ended it, nothing would change.” Having said that, “we can’t talk about final exams without talking about school more generally”.

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