New agreement figures and details with Milan

New agreement figures and details with Milan


The ‘I open’ inflates the square, dragging Pragny to reopen

The opposition to the square Io Apro in Rome provoked the class while Prime Minister Mario Dhi insisted on reopening the country to allow Kovid to reintroduce variants that accelerated the Emergency and the virus race Moved slowly. Clashes and paper bombs in Rome on Monday, with protesters who, in vain, tried to cross the Palazzo Chigi. Closed roads around armored vehicles, obstacles and ‘sensitive’ targets. The center of the capital remains literally on Monday amid sieges, firecrackers and the choir – ‘freedom’, but ‘dignity’ – incite classes. San Silvestro is a few hundred meters from the seat of government: the sound of shouts, sirens and firecrackers apparently reaching the Palazzo Chigi. Mario Draghi is at work, arrived early in the morning. One of the first meetings of the day was with Economy Minister Daniel Franco. The table is expected to start with several hot dossiers, DEFs and a new budget version that was already in the Council of Ministers this week. But the recovery game also stops by the end of the month and heats up again. The Prime Minister is well aware, as he himself said at a press conference last week, that real refreshments, the most economically profitable, are to reopen. That they take place safely – sign qualification non-condition for pulling the shutter – but also financially advantageous. That is why he told the CTS that it is possible to reopen it while working on the rules, so that the ‘less stringent’ protocol can be worked on. The rules also take into account the stability of some areas killed by the epidemic. To fix the bars, along with the benchmark of the most troubled areas, the parameters – and the mef must also be included – allow it to avoid anti-economic measures. In short, the reopening should be durable, genuine and not just a facade, a recommendation from the Prime Minister, government sources explained to Adankrons. And actually allows shutter lifters to be able to ‘make money’. Think about the areas of tourism, culture, fairs, gyms or the organization of weddings. The numbers there – starting with fewer or more entries – can really make the difference: if health risks are under control, Draghi needs to be more adventurous. We also think about this. CTS may adopt a ‘step by step’ reopening strategy, loosening the link as the epidemiological situation allows it and the vaccination campaign will be well advanced. Soon, very soon, the number of doses administered will become part of the parameters to be taken into account for switching from one color band to another. In the afternoon, CTS coordinator, Franco Locatelli and Health Minister Roberto Schapernza Palazzo arrived in Chigi. Emergency Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figaliolo also peeks at the government seat, a veteran of a long-range confrontation with Campania President Vincenzo de Luca, ready to move the guidelines imposed on governors over vaccination and leave the field. . To discontinue the fuse, the president’s decision to distribute the dose – once vaccinated to eighty-year-old children – not only prioritizes older age, but also advances economic sectors. On the Kovali-free islands. The administration campaign has suffered a significant setback, or defended the target in recent weeks, to 500 thousand doses per day at the end of April. Between April 15 and 22, when about 4.2 million doses of Modern, Pfizer and Jammu and Kashmir will arrive in Italy (an unprecedented quantity. The dose per day, in all likelihood, will still be a wait.

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