New head of separatist Aragonese government in Catalonia

Der Unabhängigkeitsbefürworter der linken Partei ERC, Pere Aragonès, ist neuer Regierungschef der spanischen Konfliktregion Katalonien. Foto: David Zorrakino/EUROPA PRESS/dpa

In addition to the 33 delegates of the ERC, MPs from two other separatist parties also voted for the Eragonnes, the liberal-conservative Junxcat and the leftist radical cup.

In the early elections to the Catalan parliament, parties advocating secession from Spain won an absolute majority for the first time in mid-February.

However, the parties are divided on the road to independence. While JuntsxCat and the CUP intend to implement a new independence referendum following an unsuccessful attempted secession in the autumn of 2017, the ERC advocates negotiations with the central government in Madrid.

Due to these differences, the first two attempts to form a separatist government in late March failed. However a consensus was reached a few days ago.

Aragones promised that during his tenure he would “end the road to freedom”. “I want us to be like Scotland. And I would like the Spanish state to behave like Britain in 2014.” He was referring to the referendum in Scotland, however, the majority spoke against independence.

After an illegal independence referendum, Catalonia was forcibly put under administration by the then conservative central government. The then regional president Carles Puigdemont fled to Belgium. Many separatists were sentenced to lengthy prison terms.

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