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Milne then wins. Inter’s sixth win

AGI – Milan won again after two consecutive draws, which defeated Mupi Stadium 2–1. Sasuolo came on the target of LEO (the fastest goal ever in Serie A) and the Selemaikers, forcing De Zerbi’s team to their second defeat of the season. Berardi’s goal in the final is not enough. On the other hand, Pioli’s team remains in first place, winning themselves from Spezia, protecting themselves from Inter’s attacks. Rosonary’s crazy debut, which was unlocked after just 6 seconds from kick-off thanks to a LEO goal on Calhanoglu’s assist, while eight minutes later, the roles were reversed, doubling with the Turkish Portuguese assist, wasn’t it A negative situation at the beginning of Saelemaekers’ action. However, it would be Belgium itself, who scored a 2–0 away guest, taking advantage of Theo Hernández’s assist in the 26th minute. In the second half Sasuolo fails to raise his head and never scares Donarumma properly, so Milan strikes again and waits for the right time to strike again. However, the Rossoneri are unable to secure the result and a free kick by Birdy in the final tries to restore Sasuolo hope, but his goal is of little use. A sixth consecutive win for Inter, a 2–1 pass at home against Spezia. Hakimi and Lukaku set goals, Piccoli’s guest goal in the final is worthless: Conte’s team continues to press on top of Milan, who wins at Sasuolo and stays at +1. As expected, Nerzurri played the game right from the start, with Young touching the goal after just a few minutes, which punched one-two defenders, but Prowdle’s response was met. For the remainder of the first half, however, Conte’s team struggled to make themselves dangerous again, with Spezia not surprising himself and defending 0–0. In the second half, Conte’s team returns to the field with more conviction and take advantage in the 52nd minute with Hakimi, who runs to the right and attacks Provedale with his right. The Juventus team find it difficult to get out of the shell and have a quarter of an hour from the capitalization of the end with Lukaku’s penalty, which was modified on the blow by Fabry due to a handball by N’zola. In the final he scored Piccoli for Spezia, the first Serie A goal for the young striker, but with little use in the economy of the match. Cagliari and Udini do not get hurt, it ends 1–1. The mid-match between Kagliari and Udini ends in a draw, not ahead 1–1. Lasagna responds to the Sardinian advantage achieved by Lyogninius: Di Francesco’s team increases to 14 points, but remains without a win in the sixth consecutive round, while one step higher is the formation of the GoT. The balance at Sardegna Arena broke in the 27th minute, when Lycogiannis invented a complete trajectory from a free-kick that left no chance for Musso and earned Rosoblu a 1-0. However, the game survives and the freelancers leave no stone unturned to attack, trying to intimidate Masoso, however, no interference is noticeable. In the second half, however, the black and white engine revs increased and in the 57th minute the tie was entered by Navya with Lasegna, who took a moment from their entry to influence the match. In the end they both try to hunt for success, but nothing happens before the triple whistle.

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