New wave in Great Britain

New wave in Great Britain

omicron 2There is alarm for rebound hospitalization for Covid ScotlandWhich according to the latest figures has been confirmed as the most affected nation among those Great Britain This is the absolute peak of hospitalizations since the start of the pandemic: by a new increase in infections, fed by the so-called Omicron 2nd variant, until a high of 2128. As in the rest of the state, and many other European countries affected by this renewed wave of infections, however, the same proportionate trend on admission to intensive care units at this time is not reproducing, and even That even less thanks to the deaths. For comprehensive immunity. Responsible for the effects of vaccines, massive boosters and treatments of the third dose.

Omicron, where can you travel for Easter? Infection continues, but from Spain to Greece through quarantine and masks

Omicron 2, Bassetti: ¬ęThis is not the fifth wave, but the first with a weakened virus. Vaccine is effective”

It should also be noted that the Scottish boom is higher than in England: despite the fact that Edinburgh’s local authorities have so far taken some additional partial precautions on the mandatory use of masks, instead abolishing them as an imposition by law. Has been given. Largest country island now for 2 months with every other ban from British central government.

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