Newcomer and well-known stars – nomination for the 30th Andthl Music Awards in the Czech Republic

Newcomer and well-known stars - nomination for the 30th Andthl Music Awards in the Czech Republic

The Music Academy is made up of critics, producers and other personalities from the Czech music scene. Every year, experts vote on winners in several categories. In 2011, 14 awards will be presented, and a qualified artist will be accepted into the hall of fame of the academy.

Category “Best Solo Artist”

7 times 3.  Photo: těpán Hebík.  Archive of

7krát3 (7 times 3) hides singer těpán Hebík behind the stage name. The 31-year-old has released several successful singles, including “Promise” (Sorry). The same music video was nominated for the Andl Awards two years ago. Hebic has finally released some of these songs on his debut EP, including new songs.

Dan Barta |  Photo: Khalil Balbaki, Czech Radio

Unlike Hebic, Dan Barta and his band Illustratosphere have been contenders for an angel statue for many years. Barta has already won the “Best Solo Artist” category ten times and was also named the best singer of the last quarter of a century in 2015. Now their new album has been released, titled “Kraska a zweseni orient” (Beauty and the Blonde) Up Dust) – seven years after the release of the last album “Maratonica”.

Jaromir Nohvika Photo: Jacek Proszyk, Wikimedia Commons, CC0 1.0

Singer Jaromir Nohvika has recently gained attention with more comical street hits. Her new album with the title song of the same name, “Mama mi na krak dala click” (Mama hung the key around my neck) once again makes it clear that Nohvika is still one of the best Czech singers. It was for nothing that he was named the “singer of the last two decades” at the Andele Awards 2010. After experimenting with the album “Poruba”, he has now returned to his folk roots.

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Category “Best Solo Artist”

Lenka Dusilova Photo: Tomas Wodzanski, Czech Radio

Lenka Dusilova already has several angel figurines on her shelf. However, his fans had to wait six years for his latest album “Seka” (River). But it was worth the wait, as the CD, as its name suggests, is flowing and captivating at the same time. “Seka” is a poem for the focused listener who can enjoy all the subtle variations between songs.

Anita Langrov photo: Pavel Sewella, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 3.0

Anita Langrova’s album “DV Slans” (Two Sons) is similar to the listener’s demand. To this end, the singer has re-worked with Jacob Zitka, with whom she has already produced the highly successful “Na Radosti” collection. The album can best be described by a line of text on Anita’s website: “Welcome to the world of two suns. In an infinite space where dreams allow. Shut up and stop for a moment!” Become an Observer! “

Lenny |  Photo: Jan Skellen, Czech Radio

Pop singer Lenny’s second CD promises. The 27-year-old Prague is seamlessly involved with her debut album, perhaps with a touch more pop. Four years ago, the musician won four trophies and a genre title in the main categories at the Angel Award ceremony. She is also nominated as Newcomer of the Year with the song “Easy” from the new album “Weird and Wonderful”.

Category “Best Band”

Monkey Business has started expressing its views on political issues on the previous CD “Bad Time for Gentlemen”. This is no different from his new release “Freedom on Sale”. The band also produced a much talked, provocative music video for the single “Do It! (If You Have No Children)” with Jiri Langmajer in the lead role. This is the second album with Tereza Cernochova as the singer and The Scottish hard rock band Nazareth has other interesting guest interpreters, such as Dan McCafferty or Czech organist Ondrej Pivek.

Tata Boys |  Photo: Hana Maslova, Picasa Web Album, CC BY-SA 3.0

Tata Boz released the CD “Jedna Nula” in late November. This is not only the band’s tenth album, but also a very special one. In his songs, Panchak deals with complex scientific questions that have not yet been answered.

Band cereal photo: Ben Scala, Benfoto, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

When the band Czerni released their new album “Nebeski Neklidne” (late Restless) in March 2020, no one could have guessed how prophetic the title was – both in relation to all the emotions that we have with the epidemic as well as the political Were also in the situation. In the Czech Republic.


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