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Shows the protocol of home care in the Covid Piemonte, Icardi regional area

The experience of home care in Piedmont was illustrated by Luigi Icardi, the regional councilor for health, during the International COVID Summit to be held in the halls of the Senate in Rome. At the center of the exhibition, the experience during the first wave of infections, between March and April 2020, in the region of Acqui Terme and Ovada, is characterized by a consolidated hospital-area integration. Here, out of 340 patients treated at home, there were only 9 deaths and 22 hospitalizations, which accounted for 2.6% of deaths compared to the provincial-based mortality rate of 17% and hospitalization rate of 6.5%. rate, which was one third of the previous. An estimated 22% figure based on the national average for the year. The model was transferred to the new Regional Inter-Company Department for Infectious Diseases and Emergencies (Dermei) born in June 2020 to provide care for Covid-19 patients at home by Continuity of Care Units in November 2020 developed a protocol. (Uska), General Physician and Pediatrician of free choice’.

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