News: Angela Merkel, Rent Cover, Scotland & Wales, Election in UK

News: Angela Merkel, Rent Cover, Scotland & Wales, Election in UK

Hello copper cable

Angela Merkel Aachen University participates in a “Science Evening” today at RWTH, which is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. Should be an important subject Digitization in germany Ho. Merkel is brave. Because digitization is, if you say it politely, not necessarily their preferred discipline. Or, less polite, but truer: After 16 years of chancellorship, the Federal Republic is one of the most international in comparison Digital desert. Congratulations to the good old copper cable from Telekom!

The “Competence Center Public IT” (CompetFIT), which will present its Germany’s Digitization 2021 index in the afternoon, will also likely come up in a problematic search. The focus is mainly on the digitization of the state and the administration. Congratulations for the fax machines in the health authorities!

As Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, patron of “Science Evening” Armin Laskett. He had long been trying to extract his image as an imitation of alleged Merkel and keep him a candidate, and these days he is constantly promoting a “decade of modernization”. According to Lesik, the errors that have become apparent in the epidemic must now be dealt with. The state and the administration should become more digital, faster, more lean and more flexible and efficient. “We can change. But we have become very comfortable in recent years.”

The fact that Germany’s need for modernization is indeed very high is essentially related to the last decade, which was shaped by the CDU and was one of the weight-and-in indolences. Hello to the Chancellor!

Election campaign for housing

Today in Berlin there is a digital Election Campaign Arena Living « Instead of. The opportunity is the so-called »12. Accommodation Day «(which is not available). Horst Seehofer will also go to the “Arena”. In addition to protecting his homeland and fighting right-wing radicalism, he is also responsible for the creation of at least a qualification office. In addition, the SPD “Chancellor Candidate” Olaf Scholz is part of the party, with green almost-Chancellor candidate Robert Habeck, Hoga-Chancellor candidate Christian Lindner (FDP) and left leader Suzanne Hizig-Wells.

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It will be exciting to see who dares to be tough (except the left boss) Rent cover for all Germany It was introduced to the capital to demand Berlin’s red-red-green Senate – until the Federal Constitutional Court recently discontinued the experiment. The court originally did not question the state cap on rent. He only complained that a federal state went alone.

That is a thing for many people living long poverty trap Done at least in cities, this should be one of the major issues of the federal election campaign. This is perhaps the biggest social question of our time.

Something Different Brexit

In Scotland And in Wells Parliamentary elections are being held today. Their results can be very important for the future of Europe. If the individual territories leaving the UK are to be followed after the UK exits the European Union. Brexit has affected independence movements in Scotland but also in Wales Northern Ireland In any case, missed too loudly.
The Scottish National Party is the head of government in the general election in Scotland. Nikola Sturgeon A huge favorite. It has called for independence from Great Britain and is insisting on another referendum on the issue.

Even in Wales, which is traditionally loyal to London, there is now serious talk of detachment. Plaid Simru, the national party, for example, is calling for a referendum on independence. And polls show that more Welsh people are in favor of seceding from the state than ever before. There is also increasing distance from London in Northern Ireland, which was occupied by the British a long time ago and then strategically populated.

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Personally, I would be happy if the Scots, Welsh and Northern Irish were again part of the European Union.

Loser of the day …

… Huh Children in germany. Last year police reported more sexual abuse of children – despite epidemic-related contact restrictions: 14,594 cases, an increase of 6.8 percent over the previous year. According to the latest police crime statistics, in 2020 the number of crimes in the case of indecent depictions of children and adolescents increased by almost 54 percent to 26,739.

Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffe wants to present his findings from these dismal figures in Berlin today. What is urgently needed: even more intensive control and investigation on the part of the state, even more severe penalties, even more prevention and education – and even more vigilance from each of us.

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