News of the day – news of 18 December 2020 – politics

News of the day - news of 18 December 2020 - politics

The most important thing about coronavirus

SPAN: Home residents, the elderly and caregivers are vaccinated first. The health minister said the priority is to get vaccinated people first, signed the vaccination ordinance on Friday. In Lower Saxony, the ban on fireworks is temporarily exaggerated by a court. Germany messages

German patient. The country received the first wave of epidemic very well. So good that it felt very safe and made mistakes. The results are now clear. It is important to learn from this for the future. Comment by George Muscolo (SZ Plus)

A third lockout in Austria is imminent. After Christmas, many shops will close again and schools will remain closed. The planned start of ski areas probably won’t work for the time being. There is terror in the tourism industry. Catherine Kahlveit reports from Vienna. On the other hand, the lockdown was abolished despite a high number of infections in Switzerland. Restaurants, leisure and sports facilities and museums will be closed, but ski lifts will remain open. Messages around the world

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What is important besides corona virus

The United Nations Secretary-General warns of populism. Antonio Guterres has used cautionary words to dismiss growing movements, discrimination, anti-Semitism and populism. “We know from history that a policy based on anger leads to disaster,” says Guterres in the Bundestag. He regards Germany as a “peace power”. over at

EXCLUSIVE Wirecard shareholders leave empty-handed. The decision is based on a Cologne legal opinion that was prepared on behalf of the creditors. The result is that there will probably not be money for shareholders, but for banks that have lent money to Wirecard. By Nils Wischmeyer and Marcus Zydra (SZ Plus)

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The EU adds pressure to stalled Brexit negotiations. “We are in a moment of truth,” said Barnier, an EU negotiator in the European Parliament. A commercial contract expires on Sunday evening. Report. The member states held almost second final negotiations with the British. This deprives Parliament of the opportunity to properly examine the deal if it comes to it. At some point there will come a time when Parliament seriously refuses to cooperate with member states, commenting Caroline Meta Bissell.

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Scotland has plans for the European Union. Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced an imminent independence referendum. And promises: “Scotland is coming home.” over at

Hackers also made a dent in the US Atomic Weapons Agency. The major digital attack “Sunburst” kills USA in the marrow. US officials now classify it as a “serious threat”. And Microsoft is also affected. The background

The best Lewandowski that ever existed. After their 250th goal in the Bundesliga, the FC Bayern striker was voted world footballer for the first time. Its success is the result of a long history of persistence. By Sebastian Fisher

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Does the EU Parliament have very little to say? “Definitely yes”, judges He says And it adds that “it is an expression of the democratic deficit that the Parliament has only the powers of a second chamber, as governments veil the powers of citizens’ representation through the European Union Council.” Aliashallmoser Takes an opposite position: “It goes to say too much. In my opinion, the EU Parliament should be abolished because it has no function.” Discuss with us.

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