NFL Week 4: Sunday Sports Results and Highlights

NFL Week 4: Sunday Sports Results and Highlights

Both of the best matchups of the week were rescheduled due to positive coronavirus tests. Patriots-Chief Monday night and will play Steelers-Titans Weeks will be played in Week – but Sunday will be able to take enough action to help distract the league trying its best to avoid a crisis.

Here’s what we learned:

  • Tampa Bay has the spirit of James Winston. Last season, Winston put Buchanners fans on an emotional roller coaster with 33 touchdowns and 30 interceptions, and he broke a record that has stood the test of time since 1966. His seven interceptions returned for a touchdown. Tom Brady stabilized the team a bit early in the season-1 season, and his five touchdown passes on Sunday led to a later win over the Upstart Los Angeles Chargers. But Brady also threw a peak-six in the first quarter, giving him an NFL-leading two and the highest match of his career, which he set in 2001 and matched in 2015.

Except when it takes more.

Seahawks 31, Dolphins 23 Russell Wilson had a great game for someone else and a good game for him (y y0 passing yards, two touchdowns), but Chris Carson ran with 1 car yard and ten touchdowns and helped Seattle. Conflict defense provides a pair of disruptions.

Browns 49, Cowboy 38 Dak Prescott is not particularly interested in his team’s recordings starting in the 1-3-1-3 season, saying, “I’ll give all those yards back for a different record. I care about one state and it’s about to win, so no other statistics matter when we don’t. “

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Ravens 31, Footballers 17 After last week’s loss, Baltimore went back to its normal business, steamrolling a lesser opponent in performance that was simultaneously under the top gear of the Ravens, but an even easier win than the final score that led to a waste-time hurdle For seven points will help gift-wrap.

Buchananers 38, Chargers 31 Los Angeles led 24-7 in less than a minute to play in the second quarter when Tampa Bay’s Naddamkong Sue forced a foul that seemed to steal the pace of the game. The turnaround led to fast bookers touchdown, and it set the stage for a huge comeback win in which Tom Brady passed the touchdown to five different receivers.

Bill 30, Raiders 23 This one was playing a lot like other Buffalo games this season, Josh Allen was dominant, the team’s defense was struggling and they all extended the victory. Bill is 0-0 for the second time since 1992, when he appeared in the third consecutive Super Bowl.

Saints 35, Lions 29 It’s not particularly noticeable for the New Orleans to have a big day in crime or a Detroit fall, but it gets even more exciting when the Saints lost six injured men and one of the team’s players had an incredibly late night. False positive result on coronavirus test.

Vikings 31, Texans 23 Minnesota had to be very happy, Dalvin Cook ran for 130 yards and two touchdowns, Adam Thilen and Justin Jefferson both crossed 100 yards and safety would hold the team’s defense tight even after Harrison Smith was out. Speaking of Texans, who came in at 0-4: Yax.

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Bengals 33, Jaguars 25 Mixon’s availability was uncertain due to a chest injury he suffered over the weekend, but he looked very healthy after scoring 181 yards and three total touchdowns in his team’s first win of the season. .

Panthers 31, Cardinals 21 Killer Murray threw three touchdown passes, but Arizona easily outscored, with Carolina’s defensive wide receiver Dendre Hopkins (seven catches for y1 yards) limited or taking advantage of a slowdown from a foot injury.

Colt 19, Bear 11 The score seemed somewhat close to the touchdown of waste time, but the Indianapolis defense dominated the game, making Nick Falls look like Mitchell Trubiski, the quarterback who pushed him forward.

Rams 17, Giants 9 It was another loss for the Giants – those people use it – but some of Los Angeles’ unruly play, and some of the Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones’ great plays, drove Big Blue with a last-minute chance to tie the game. Jones blocked an obstacle that effectively ended the game, but the Giants were in it after the 12-point underdogs were impressive.


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