No challenge to West Ham for them

No challenge to West Ham for them

Turin – This could happen in the 2022 European Cup a boundary problem And two players had to leave. This happens to Vyborg’s Dane who will face conference league preliminary against the Londoners West Ham without nigerian Told and gambian slug Jatta, unless there is a last minute solution. This is because after Brexit both players require different visas from EU players (who just need a passport) and the time to apply for it is longer than the time available for Viborg, which is an English language. The club was able to cope. August 2.

people’s football – The contradictionTherefore, it is that two players who can move freely around the union europeanthey can’t compete in the cup european, because they face a nation that is no longer part of political Europe, on the other hand most countries affiliated with UEFA (the calculation says: 27 against 28). Viborg sought help at UEFA and in an official note (reported by football and finance), writes: “We are very sorry that we were not able to get visas for both the players. We have tried everything and are in close contact with the Danish Football Association, UEFA, the two embassies and another foreign club that found itself in a similar situation. But unfortunately, it turned out to be impossible, as it takes several weeks and the match was decided a week ago.”, And this people’s footballBut you have to be among the right people.

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