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It is now clear that the British Conservative Party is ready for a new party leader and therefore a new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. This was stated by the premier boris johnson Speaking during a press conference in Downing Street.

Johnson made it clear that he would continue to serve the country as premier until “a new leader is in office”. Johnson clarified, “I agree with Sir Graham Brady (chairman of the 1922 committee) that the process of choosing a new leader should begin now and the timetable will be announced next week.” “And today I have appointed a cabinet to serve the country, as I will continue to do so, until a new leader is installed,” he said, until a replacement is found, “in the interest of the public.” will be served”.

Johnson said he was deeply sorry that he could not persuade Parliament and the Conservative Party to complete the projects he had begun. During the press conference he said: “I want to say to the millions of people who voted for us in 2019, thank you for the extraordinary mandate you have given us. It was the largest Conservative majority”. Johnson said he wants to “continue with this mandate because I consider it an obligation and a duty that we began in 2019”. He again said that no one is indispensable in politics. “Our excellent system will prepare a new leader to overcome the difficult situations facing the country,” he said. “Whoever is my successor, I will give my support,” he insisted. “This news (resignation) will bring relief to many, others will be happy but I am sad that I had to leave the best job in the world.”

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The future of the United Kingdom will be “together” and “golden”, however, he wanted to underline. He said, “Being Prime Minister is a learning experience in itself: I’ve traveled all over the UK and found so many people with such immense British originality and the ability to deal with old problems in new ways. are ready.” “While things may seem dark at times now, our future together is golden,” Johnson says.

The premier said he was “very proud” of the results his government has achieved in recent years: from Brexit, the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, to vaccines and “decisive support for Ukraine”.

Morning and reshuffle of government

Shailesh Vara has been named Secretary of State for Northern Ireland in the British Government, confirming Downing Street as part of an executive reshuffle. Vera will replace Brandon Lewis, who had resigned from his position in the past few hours after a lengthy meeting in Downing Street. This is the fifth change in the announced government team. The British Prime Minister has appointed Greg Clarke as the new Under Secretary for Local Government and Standards Raising in place of Michael Gove. Kit Malhouse became Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, the highest-ranking government representative in the executive after the Prime Minister. In addition, Robert Buckland will be Secretary of Wales and James Cleverly will be the third Education Minister in three days.

Johnson should have resigned “long ago”, the Labor opposition leader said, Keer starrerWelcoming the decision. Starmer said the premier’s resignation announcement this morning is “good news” for the UK, as the country “needs to restart” after 12 years of “stagnation” and “empty promises”. British Defense Minister, ben wallace, would be the main favorite to replace Prime Minister Boris Johnson at the helm of the Conservative Party. This is according to the latest survey by the organization YouGov. According to the poll, Wallace would win the contest of all the main candidates in the race, including the Secretary of State herself, Liz Truss, by a 19-point margin of priorities.

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The Scottish leader tweeted, Boris Johnson has always been “clearly” insufficient for the role of Prime Minister. nicola sturgeon, highlighting how conservatives “should never have elected him as party leader”, “keep him in office for the time being”. Scotland’s prime minister said, “However, the problems run deeper than an individual, it is the Westminster system that does not work.” The Edinburgh officials believed that the problems of the “democratic deficit” in the British government were “solved with a change of prime minister”.

Following today’s announcement, it is inevitable that a leadership race will begin among conservatives, a repeat of what happened in 2019 when it was Johnson himself, who took over from the outgoing premiership. Theresa May, However, as compared to that political phase, there does not seem to be a clear successor to the party leadership. In this context, the next few days could be crucial as they should bring forth the figures that will try to seize the leadership role of the conservatives. Announcing his resignation, Johnson will remain prime minister unless there is a clear successor direct expression of the party’s will, and is expected to do so by October, when Congress is scheduled. Therefore, today’s announcement will indeed be a “green light” for the race for Johnson’s successor.

British Foreign Minister, liz truss, is returning to the UK early from Indonesia, where he should have attended the G20 ministerial meeting. Truss, who arrived in Jakarta just yesterday, is among the candidates for possible succession to party chief Boris Johnson.

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