Not just Meghan and Harry: these two royalty should also leave the country

Not just Meghan and Harry: these two royalty should also leave the country

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s farewell to Great Britain made waves last year. The Duke of Sussex resigned his duties as high-ranking members of the British royal family to establish an independent existence in the United States. Only now what is known: A secret plan by the British government is said to contain two more members of the Royal family.

Wessex should have been sent to Scotland

In form of Daily mail The British government was told that Prince Edward and his wife Sophie were almost ready to go to Scotland. According to advisors to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, he hoped that could help improve relations between the royal family To empower Britain’s nations, the British newspaper reveals. One idea was to make the Queen’s youngest son and his wife the public face of the royals in Scotland.

reason: Many Scots want to move out of Britain. In a referendum in 2014, 44.7 percent of the participants voted for the country’s independence. 55.3 percent were in favor of remaining in the Union. The Scottish Government, under First Minister Nicole Sturgeon, is working towards a second independence referendum in 2021. Sturgeon had unsuccessfully fought against Brexit and is now striving for independent Scotland for EU membership.

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