Not only Fontana, the political situation in Italy is grammar

Not only Fontana, the political situation in Italy is grammar

Why this article may interest you? Newspapers have disseminated the mandatory and required self-certification for all elected MPs, drafted at the beginning of the final legislature by the new President of the Chamber Lorenzo Fontana on March 21, 2018. Fontana, holder of three degrees, hand-written, and twice, “inpigeto”, with “en”, thus dispelling any suspicion that it may have been a typo, an oversight, a mistake, a distraction. Is. But the exponents of the Northern League are in good company: there are many political exponents from all sides, who do not know the basic rules of Italian grammar.

come on, Do not be unkind to Chamber President Lorenzo Fontana because in his hand one of his courses is written with conviction (it has been repeated twice). Not knowing the elementary rules of spelling (n should never be placed in front of p and b, they’re already explained in elementary school) is reprehensible, but it’s still less serious than other things that Fontana did. said or did in the past.

Gelato was employee

and if so Fontana, he’s writing the leaflethad only decided to adapt to the Accademia della Crusca when they ruled it a few years earlier. “Has the language of politics not stopped inventing or reviving or renewing words”?

Impossible. The new words of politics that have entered the Italian dictionary are most often inverted, conspiracy theorist, pentastellato, incuco, broad understanding, parallel convergence, non-disbelief. Quell’iNpiegato, on the other hand, results from a lack of knowledge of the basic rules of the Italian language.

Fontana’s mistake is already in elementary school with a blue pencil

Unfortunately, while access to any job – whether public or private – often requires minimal preparation on the matter, the same thing does not happen at the time of their candidacy for our representatives in Parliament. Even then An Invalsi wouldn’t hurt for future deputies and senators. The havoc that is happening in the temples of our language institutions can be avoided by looking helplessly.

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The most common distortion – the case being one of the few in which the political class is completely comparable with voters affected by the same syndrome – is “Conjunctivitis”, understood not as an annoying and tearful eye pathology, but as a havoc that is ingested orally, daily.

The virus of grammatical error already struck both the right and the left indifferently in the First RepublicExpress guido quaranta wrote us a book, sorry i have a soul), but it has spread dramatically with the introduction of new subjects into parliament and a vaccine has not yet been found.

The antidote will really be: to study. But since taking it is not mandatory, we have over the years found ourselves with a few “pearls” to go down in history.

Fontana is in good company

Most medalists will certainly be the outgoing foreign minister luigi di maio (Former Cinque Stelle, now in Civic Commitment, not re-elected in previous elections): “If I want to speak with rays la phone”, said a guest of a TV show.

The former deputy head of government of Conte I used a specific dialect formula, which was very widespread in the south, making it Italian (many blunders have this origin). but the main He is remembered for a belligerent feud on social media.

The theme chosen by Di Maio to launch his tweet was cyber espionage: “If there is any risk that the subjects will spy on the highest state institutions …”, he wrote earlier. A few minutes and the first tease arrived, so Di Maio deleted the tweet and tried again: “If there is a risk that the highest state institutions will be spied on, what is the level of security …”,

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To make matters worse, a third edition was published by the then head Grillino on his Facebook profile. “What is the level of security if there is a risk that the two subjects have spied on the highest state institutions…”.

Also Di Maio said at a rally: «As if I was presenting yesterday Twenty expose against Renji. If I had entered it in the register of suspects and I would have come to this square and shouted that the investigation of Renzi was going on ». After which in January 2018: “The movement has always said that we wanted to hold a referendum on the euro”, In a speech to the Chamber in June: «The miracles he has done with Made in Italy will never have reached him. If not, there would have been different situations like this,

First or Second Republic, the situation is of grammar

It wouldn’t be a surprise if we just remember that Italy is the country where the Minister of Education, Francesco D’Onofrio (UDC), when asked about the alleged repression of high schools, he replied: “I want us to talk about it.”

The victim in the field was a Republican deputy and university professor. luigi firpo, elected in 1987, who admitted to journalists that he wanted to attend Culture Commission meetings as little as possible. The Reason? The painful level of discussions he was forced to listen to.

Christian Democrats Vincenzo Nicotra, The Sicilian lawyer, adding the verb “to say” to the past tense, said “dissimo”., In addition, he complained of complete bicameralism and the fact that laws have to be passed back and forth between the House and the Senate; Given that “we must stop its coming and going”.

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In a town in Novara province he presented the candidate of the joint PCI-PSI list, a noted pediatrician, “the greatest Italian pedestrian“. In MSI it was said that a young executive, listening giorgio almirante Citation Jacopo Ortis’s Last Characterssaid in annoyance: “Who is this Jacopo Ortis who writes to the secretary without my permission?”

Failed in other subjects too

But let’s go back to the more recent times. Matteo Salvini At the time when Lega was the only Lega Nord, he insisted that ,Pravasi is gerund, when you migrate you are migrant”. Maurizio Gasparic In 2016 he wrote about Giorgia Meloni’s availability in a tweet “chissimo” rather than “ask”. The mistake by which the Ministry of Education is running Valeria FedelikA release on “tracks” with the I of Maturity.

Then there are the non-grammatical gaffes (“I will be short and circumcised”, david trapeade, M5S; “Dublin, Scotland”, Georgia Meloni; “There is nothing worse than the blind who does not want to see” Antonio Di Pietro, among the most epic). he saw right ennio flianoThe political situation in Italy is grim but not critical. Maybe, shall we add, it’s just grammar.

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