Now Boris Johnson exposure-

Now Boris Johnson exposure-
From Paola De Carolis

If North Shropshire Supplements were a referendum on Boris Johnson’s leadership, voters would have given the prime minister a strong and clear disapproval: the past few weeks have been disastrous for him

London – “I heard what the voters wanted to say to me, I have to accept it.” boris johnson He tries to make the best of a bad situation, but the result that North Shropshire voters give the prime minister completely turns the cards on the table. It is not unusual for the ruling party to lose options. It is an embarrassment that Tony Blair, David Cameron and Theresa May have endured. However, North Shropshire is a rural and staunchly pro-Brexit college that, throughout its history, has always voted for the Conservatives., Two centuries of loyalty were confirmed in the last elections, two years earlier, with a majority of 23,000 votes. Yesterday he elected a liberal democratic deputy, Helen Morgan6,000 with the benefit of consent.

The Citadel has collapsed: The reason must be found in Downing Street’s alleged Christmas celebrations during the lockdown. The notion that Johnson and his ministers see themselves as above the rules, in the desperation of so many citizens who have lost friends and family to the pandemic and who are now grappling with economic hardships due to COVID and their exit from the European Union, In the Prime Minister’s Sometimes Confusing Approach Which on the one hand has implemented a respectable vaccination campaign and on the other is able to get lost in a speech in Confindustria and mention the Peppa Pig theme park (it didn’t go down in Shropshire).

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Morgan pointed at the moment of victory that For the premiere of “The Party’s Over”, because Shropshire was a tactical vote not necessarily for him but against Johnson. Despite the effort of assurances, the importance for the Prime Minister is self-evident. His leadership is under suspicion, “Another mistake has been made,” said longtime Conservative MP Roger Gale. “It’s a kick in the mouth for the party,” admitted Tories co-president Oliver Dowden. “Their days are numbered,” said Ruth Davidson, who has long been the head of the Scottish Conservatives.

If Johnson’s real strength was his ability to be likable and cut tangible milestones at key moments – the Brexit referendum, for example, and the election two years earlier, won with a majority of 80 seats and 43.6% of the popular vote , highest percentage since 1979 – North Shropshire showed voters tired and fed up. The power of the Prime Minister today is as fragile as ever, The party’s intolerance was already seen with debate in Westminster on Tuesday over new anti-Covid measures, including the compulsion of green passes for some events. One hundred Conservatives voted against the government. The measures were approved only with the support of Labour.

“I am the Prime Minister and consequently the responsibility is mine”Johnson said. “I understand the frustration,” he insisted. “There has been too much talk of politicians and not enough about issues that have a real impact on the lives of citizens”, a not too veiled allegation on the media, which may have escalated the alleged violation of lockdown rules that they should do. passed. However, it is difficult to see how Johnson is able to regain the country’s trust.,

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Last night, Another development in the saga of the Forbidden PartiesSimon Case, the man who has been put in charge of the internal investigation by the premier, himself accused of organizing and attending Christmas celebrations in complete lockdown and resigned in the evening. There is a word in the English language – Disgusting – which he accumulates in his six letters Corruption, immorality, abuse, despicable hypocrisy, It is a noun that follows Johnson at every step.

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