Nurses’ strike in England paralyzed the country. And when will we seriously take to the streets in Italy? –

 Nurses' strike in England paralyzed the country.  And when will we seriously take to the streets in Italy?  -

Healthcare workers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will cross on 15 and 20 December. The nationwide strike is the first time in the 106-year history of their union,”Royal College of Nursing“. Colleague from SkyTg24,

Nurses in Britain will hold the first nationwide strike in the 106-year history of their union, the Royal College of Nursing, next month. On 15 and 20 December, healthcare workers will cross their arms in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, but not in Scotland. The strikes called to demand wage adjustments in the face of record inflation comes after the government said ‘no’ to a confrontation on the subject.

Union head Pat Cullen said, “Nursing staff have been given enough due to low pay, poor safety and not being able to give our patients the care they need.” There are other categories which have taken union action to demand wage hike. For example, the nurses’ strike will parallel the rail workers’ strike, but other public and private sector employees, from lawyers to airport ground staff, have also called for demonstrations. On the other hand, Postal Service workers will organize new service interruptions before Christmas. “It is more than two weeks since we confirmed to ministers that the nurses are feeling such injustice that it has prompted them to go on strike in the first place. My offer of formal talks was rejected, and the ministers chose strike action. They have the power and means to stop this by starting a serious dialogue that addresses our dispute,” Cullen concluded.

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However, strikes demand not only wage hikes but also adjustments in working conditions. Notably, the strike of the nurses’ ranks announced by the union at the beginning of the month has attracted the support of more than 300,000 members. The latter will announce next week which branches of the healthcare service will be affected by the strike, although emergency services and necessary interventions will be guaranteed, even if a temporary paralysis of the national health system is expected. However, in a tweet posted on the morning of Friday 25 November, Minister Steve Barclay, the head of health in the Sunak government, said: “Our priority is keeping patients safe. The NHS has taken measures to minimize disruption and keep emergency services running Tried and tested plans to be sure, but strike action will inevitably affect services. My door is open to the Royal College of Nursing if they wish to discuss ways to improve the working lives of nurses “

What happens in Italy?

Nothing gets done in Italy, wages and salaries do not correspond to the cost of living despite starvation, professional recognition is never achieved and career opportunities are practically non-existent. Italian nurses, perhaps thanks to representatives of trade unions and orders, whose politics and governments are not listened to, continue to sleep soundly waiting for the arrival of manna from heaven that will surely change their fate for the better or for the better. Will change for Worse.




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