Obama also criticizes the now canceled culture

Obama also criticizes the now canceled culture

Two very different positions on cancellation culture. The first is that of former President Barack Obama, who tried to wake up his party in an interview a few days ago: Democrats, he said, often behave like “troublemakers” and don’t understand this, riding on the cancellation (politically ) the culture will end. Already, Obama – which of course no one can accuse of being politically wrong… – had defined the canceled culture as “dangerous” and himself had an attitude of “constant condemnation of the people”. , explaining that not everyone can be “perfect” and act “politically correct” at all times. Now, however, in an attempt to lend a hand to the Democrats, the former president has pointed to his party colleagues that some positions are far removed from politics that is “really relevant”, for example work or family. “Things, in short, that really matter to voters, are far more than a few decisive decisions, or paintings pulled from walls, or scholars carried out of campuses… people, Obama said, sometimes they ‘ I don’t want to feel “like they’re walking on eggs.” MORE: “When there are problems, sometimes we are told that certain groups (…) .. and that identity politics become the only lens through which we observe all the different political challenges ». Lack of realistic goals, even more obvious.

Irish actor and showman Graham Norton has a completely different view, who has underestimated the effects of canceled culture and censorship on artists and celebrities; Furthermore, he stressed that those who rebel against the canceled culture are only looking for an excuse, while instead of censorship, we should speak of “responsibility”. These words were spoken at an English literary festival, so the speech fell on JK Rowling, who was one of the favorite targets of “wake culture” for her position on trans (the latest, attacking Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon and her legislation). on gender change, which, according to the author, would favor abuse). Norton tried to avoid naming Rowling, criticizing the speaker, even though she is not an “expert” on the subject. But another British presenter, Mark Dolan, defended “the bestselling genius who taught millions of children to love books”, pouring “litre vitriol” on him and attacking him for letting others above their privileges. claims to teach. How to think, how to speak. Even when they know how to do it themselves. Actually, in this case even more so.

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