Obama Calls, Molise Responds: The Story of Federica Vinci in Isernia

Obama Calls, Molise Responds: The Story of Federica Vinci in Isernia

Anecdotes and political projects from under the microphone of the ReputationUp Observatory’s podcast

Isernia, 23 May 2022.Europevolt, ObamaLife and Desire in the Province of Molise change the world, These are the typical signs of the host of the new podcastPratishtha UP Observatory, federica vincico-founder of political movement Volt Europenominated between Obama Leader And proud molise Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Isernia.

Not all political movements originate in Milan

The unfortunate observation that has come back into fashion in recent months collides with a national reality that has always been multidimensional. Milan is not the only center of political innovationAnd the Volt Italia is proof of that.

for the microphonePrestigeUP Observatory Federica Vinci tells of his experience within the pro-progressive European movement vaultfrom his birth in which he participates co-founder Until the race of the Europeans, always led the dream of a more united Europe,

“Mine, like the story of the Volt, is a limelight story“- explains Federica Vinci -” if we think that everywhere in Italy they say that Molise does not exist and then instead of a pro-progressive european movement In which all European states were included, we can say that Milan is certainly not the center of the world”.

Behind (and in front of) the European dream, His Land, Iserniawho is for vinci House, It is precisely from the experience of life in the province of Molise that the idea of ​​​​trying a Inclusion of rural areas and peripheral assemblies within virtue plans In relation to policies on environment, reception, birth rate, work.

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There Brexit before and on lockdown The engines of the Copernican Revolution were mentioned instead when the epidemic was provoked. federica vinci The flag was made. “When I gave up going and exploring Europe, it was like this for me search for freedom, Living in Isernia, where everyone knows each other and is ready to see your mother with your lover on the street, hand in hand, was very different from being in Copenhagen.

Yet and indeed to live in many European countries and many metropolises, federica vinci Chosen for your Isernia Quality of Life: “Between Paris and Milan I spent an hour and a half of my life on public transport, then I could choose whether to go to the gym or go to the cinema or have an aperitif with friends, these were the options. I reached Isernia, the average journey Time 4 minutes, 12 on foot, to reach any place. Now, the mayor of Paris is going crazy to make the city 10 minutes and I already live there. During my day, in the morning I wake up, I ride a horse, I go to work, in the evening I go out and have an aperitif, then if I want, I also go to the cinema. Things I did in Paris and Milan in a month “.

it “Bravery to return to us Small town to build together new social networksNew jobs could be created by repopulating these areas new opportunities“This statement is as clear as it is symbolic.

in life peripheral realities Italians have always presented ordinary people challengesBut if you see a light at the end of the tunnel it is because the new generations are reversing the pace of their parents.

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Obama and Molise

For federica vinciIt is clear that core area was the source of great inspiration to imagine New Progressive Political Model from which it was born vaultfrom the despair of Brexit lived in scotland and willingly includes rural areas within European processes.

“A political activist movement that before doing politics in municipalities, in parliaments, I listen Population needs in the territories and strives to resolve them based on European best practices”.

and always for the logic of giving power to the citizenHe remarked in reference to the Volt: “Our movement has never committed itself to value a sole leader building a fort reputation around your figure, but build a network of small units who perform a series of daily tasks aimed at improving the place where they live”.

therefore i work with peopleAmong the people: “We never told the population, look Europe lets you do Erasmus, if you go abroad you have data roaming, when maybe there were people in front of you who

They visit once every six years. We have changed the outlook. we asked: what do you need, and from there they tried to make a the reverse path in which you go from the micro level to the macroGiving power to citizens”.

A political argument that made it interesting Barack Obama who named him Obama Leader Europe 2020 To the Obama Foundation: “In less than a month I will be spending five days with the Obama family. The aim is to talk about the Isernia experience and see if it can be replicated”.

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The secret dream is to publish a book on what we have learned in these years of political activism. Meanwhile, a smile and an infectious enthusiasm inspire Federica Vinci to change the fate of the province of Molise. listen full interview channels Of Podcast ReputationUP Observatory,

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