Olympic gold relay, Patta-Jacobs-Desalu-Tortu enter Olympus

Olympic gold relay, Patta-Jacobs-Desalu-Tortu enter Olympus

Olympics: Golden Relay, Patta-Jacobs-Desalu-Tortu enter Olympus Video

(from reporter Emanuel Rizzi) – an incredible Olympic masterpiece for Italian athletics and beyond arrives on Tokyo night. Four Blue Nights Lane 8 at 10.50 pm They look at each other, they check each other out even from afar, each from their position on the oval of the national stadium. Just a gesture, Lorenzo Leash, the first relay runner, starts, and from there no one stops them anymore. The first change is perfect, Jacobs eats a hundred meters like on the day of his Olympic final, he passes the baton to Desalu who guesses it and starts over, the change is as perfect as the second corner. It’s Tortu’s turn, the sprinter starts behind English but there’s no one for anyone, the recovery is amazing because of the final ‘dive’ (‘I always dive, maybe I’m playing wrong’) which Tortu jokes Gives the Blues to Olympus after football once again against England for just one cent.

“It’s coming to Rome again“, says Tortu, smiling after the race. The strength of a group like Mancini gives Italy another joy, incredible, immense, historic. Four gunmen, ‘all for one and one for all’, reach such a goal What seemed impossible, but is now a reality: Olympic champions in relays.

Before we hit the track, we looked into each other’s eyes and realized we could do something incredibleYakuza said. He is the gold medalist in the 4×100m for Azuri in Tokyo with a sensational Italian record of 37.50, almost half a second short of 37.95 in the battery, second in Europe and fifth in every era in the world.

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It’s like joy and tears Filippo Tortu at the end of the race, a wave of flags, and the background is the run in ‘Magic Nights’. The President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, called on Giovanni Malago to congratulate Azzurri on his achievements not only in the relay, but for a record-breaking Olympics. And thank the president of Federletica, even though “I’ve lost my words, five golds is an epic achievement. A campaign I’m proud of, almost all of them have improved and those who haven’t, because they’ve got physical. There were problems.”


Olympics: Di Mao, ‘We are writing history in Tokyo’

“In Tokyo we are writing history, an all-Italian story. What a crazy day, how many emotions our Azurri are giving us. Heart, pride and a lot of determination”. Luigi Di Maio writes this on Facebook, commenting on the successes of Italian athletes at the Tokyo Games.


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