Omicron Still Moving On And The World Looks To Vaccine Liability

Omicron Still Moving On And The World Looks To Vaccine Liability

As the world grapples with the Omicron tsunami of contagion, a growing number of countries are considering compulsory vaccination. Partly also, as Italy imposed for more than 50. In the European Union, where a decisive opening came directly from Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, the measure has already been approved by Austria, where it will come into force on 1 February, and by Greece, where it will take effect ten. days but only for those over 60.

But the Omicron avalanche has given new impetus to its supporters. Almost all of them already provide for certain categories of liability, especially health professionals and those who provide public services, such as teachers and policemen. For many people, the next step may be age extension and risk factors.

As well as on the other side of the ocean where US President Joe Biden has also conducted responsibilities in companies with more than 100 employees, as well as vaccines in public administration and transportation.

In an interview earlier of the year to Le Parisien, French President Emmanuel Macron drew a clear line in the debate on vaccines: “In a democracy – they say – the greatest enemy is lies and stupidity. pressure by limiting access to the activities of social life, if possible.” It is no coincidence that from January 15 the current health pass (equivalent to the basic green pass) will be replaced by the vaccination pass.

Meanwhile, the spread of infection continues at a level never seen in previous waves. Despite the lockdown, another record is recorded in France and the Netherlands. Infections at the highest levels since the start of the pandemic are also in Sweden, Turkey and Portugal – in the latter case the election campaign restrictions could be eased in the wake of voting on January 30 – as well as in Israel, where President Isaac Herzog was the first world leader to receive a fourth dose.

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According to experts, the peak of the wave associated with the new strain, which will take effect “in a few days” in Germany, has not yet reached.

The rush for vaccines, however, tends to reduce the quarantine of positive people, which will pass from 10 to 7 days in Scotland and 7 to 5 days in the Czech Republic. On the other hand, in China, a month after the Beijing Winter Olympics, a policy of ‘zero tolerance’ after 11 cases were discovered in recent days, Zhengzhou, another metropolis in partial lockdown, and swabs for its 12 million residents.


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