“Omicron Version? 2 Thirds Fewer Hospitalizations” / Broccoli: “But It’s Very Permeable”

Francesco BroccoloVirologists from Milan’s Bicocca University spoke to “Story Italian”, a Rai Uno program run by Eleonora Daniels, talking about the situation associated with the coronavirus pandemic in our country. “Their Delta and Omicron variants There is an illusion. From a clinical point of view you do not become seriously ill, but you can become infected. Are antigen tests negative but molecular positive? Antigen testing has limited sensitivity and does not give certainty of lack of infection. Get yourself a molecular test to be sure”,

Francesco Broccolo: “Omicron completely permeable, in absolute value we won’t know what it will give us”

Type omicron Until two weeks ago, Professor Francesco Broccolo pointed out, it gave a modest clinical manifestation in Africa, where the population is young. In recent times data from Scotland shows that “Omicron causes 2 thirds fewer hospitalizations, but is still highly transmitted. In absolute terms we do not know what it will give us, as it can still generate significant numbers in intensive care.”, However, according to Broccoli, “This low virus may mean that Covid is trying to become endemic and therefore moving towards flu and cold-like illness”,

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