Omicron version, France closed the borders of the British

Omicron version, France closed the borders of the British

France closed its borders to the British to avoid the spread of the Omicron version: the decision leads to discussion.

spread of Variant Omron This worries many states in Europe about how they can prevent the arrival of the Covid mutation – widely believed to be highly contagious – from undermining efforts made to seek acceptable coexistence with the virus.

It is in the sense that France he decided close your borders to the BritishI.

France closed the borders of the British

So yesterday, from the midnight of 17 December, the French government has implemented Ban on all non-essential travel to and from the UK, The measure, as noted, is intended to limit the circulation of the Omicron version that would already be widespread in Great Britain and Scotland.

Borders in France closed to the British

The embargo naturally caused controversy and discomfort with London, which seemed to have disliked the choice made by the French government and considered it political because of the already ongoing conflicts between the two countries over sea fishing. Will return though. divides nations.

France closed the borders of the British

at the front of transportation The blockade meant that in the final hours of free movement many people rushed along the St Pancras Railway to return to Pargi, which had already been stormed by commuters on Friday.

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