on waste i would have done better

on waste i would have done better

The Action Leader reiterated in an interview that he would have done better at cleaning Rome by implementing his election program. And on January 10 it announces that a shadow junta will be launched.

Resigned from the post of opposition municipal councilor carlo calenda Roman continues to deal with politics. And once again he talks about the mayor Roberto Gualtieri and policies of a centre-left majority, reiterating that, if he had been elected mayor, he would have done better with his program. Spoken in an interview with the newspaper La Repubblica City’s extraordinary cleaning plan,I would have done better. Not because I would have cleaned Rome in three months, but because we introduced the 12-month plan, the minimum wage, to fix Rome. I don’t give Gualtieri a negative opinion about waste but I have made two suggestions: Do an emergency tender for a global service that supports Ama for 12 months. She alone cannot clean the roads, drains and everything else. Then the neighborhood sweeper, a basic checkpoint,

The leader of the action reiterated that the council group elected with its citizens list would stand in opposition, “suppressing”.creative“Center-left. He then announced that on January 10 he would launch shadow cameWith a specialist for each department, who will support the work of the councillors. And the verdict on the junta? According to the former minister, the elections were conducted very much on the basis of currents, even though he says he appreciates figures like Sylvia Scosze (Budget) and Miguel Gotor (Culture).

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Calenda strongly opposes the PD’s choice to form a strategic alliance with the 5 Star Movement, yet is still in the same majority as the Metropolitan City Council and the Lazio Region Action Pentastellates to this day. ,They arise from different situations: Valentina Grippo in the area was part of the Democratic Party and to exclude her from the majority would give a very negative assessment of Zingaretti which I do not have. – telling – This is the only case in Italy in which we have reached 5s. As far as the province is concerned, it depends on the electoral system, there was no point in being alone.” Our protest in the municipality is not of a political nature. I noticed that Gualtieri already had problems with the local ruling class of the Democratic Party, see Goffredo Bettini.

Gualtieri wants to reactivate Ostia Mincer to escape the waste emergency at Christmas

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