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ASL TO 4. Corporate project of

Who has received the prestigious National “Good Practice” Award


“A mile a day around school” Is a project ofAsl to4 Which has got prestigious recognition “Transferable Good Practice” By experts from the National Database of Health Promotion Prof. S.A.

The project, which will be the subject of, among other things National experiment With the financing of the partnership which will see Ministry of Health, Piedmont Region and Frauili Venezia Giulia, Lazio and Puglia Region.

Birth “Schools that promote health labs””, The project is a venue for discussion and co-planning organized by the TO4 ASL, where local schools’ experiences are shared and valued on health promotion issues.

Health Promotion Structure of ASL (for which it is responsible Giorgio Cylinder) (Direct.) Of Prevention Department Giovanni Mezzano), Has created a system with a common design framework,Pilot experience of the extensive institute of piano Which adapted and reinterpreted the Scottish evidence-based “Daily Mile” project. Thus, “one mile around the school” is included in the list of health promotion projects that ASL TO4 annually provides to the region.

What is it about

Combine physical activity exercises with the possibility of learning elsewhere in the classroom (External learning), promoting and enhancing socialization and relational aspects as well. Walk about a mile three to five times a week (1,600 m) or 20 minutes near the school, educational and didactic activities are also to be carried outConcrete action is taken to counter the sedentary lifestyle of the students.

to know more: https://www.dors.it/page.php?idarticolo=3635

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