“Only Talk About Climate Change”

Despite the age difference of 77 years, Queen Elizabeth I Greta Thunberg Looks like they have the same opinion responsibility of politicians than the delay fight against climate change.

The founders of Friday for Future, on the occasion of Youth4 Climate, in Milan last September 28, in fact, lashed out at world leaders using the expression.blah blah blah” Show “Blank words from last 30 yearsDue to which no concrete action could be taken.

NS english emperor, which, in an intervention parliament of wales, defined himself”teased” About heads of state and government He “they speak but don’t act

from this point of view cop26 to be held right UK, properly Glasgow 31 October to 12 November Greta And this Queen Elizabeth They may then find themselves on the same platform, delivering a similar message to address the attendees: go from nonsense to facts Feather Climate change.

Queen Elizabeth agrees with Greta Thunberg on climate change

On the occasion of a meeting in the Scottish city, Greta Thunberg replied that he was available to meet US President Joe Biden And any other political personality who wants so, however is revealing their confusion as to whether they are really interested in talking to you.

Many Western leaders are likely to be looking for a Photo opportunity able to guarantee green washing media, so as to put them in a good light with regard to public opinion sensitive to issues environmental sustainability.

However, as has been seen in the past and more recently with some local politicians in Milan, a shot togetherSwedish activist It can represent a double-edged sword, on some occasions, with the risk of damaging the image of the person involved.

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What to expect from Cop26 in Glasgow?

different speech about Queen Elizabeth, which, in its nearly 70 years on the English throne, has developed a greater familiarity in dealing with the political class around the world.

That’s why his controversial remark environmental issues. About Cop26 in Glasgow, in fact, underlined that at the moment “We know who won’t come, but who won’t attend now

like a clear reference to the ambiguous attitude of the leaders Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Jair Bolsonaro I Narendra Modi. To annoy Queen Elizabeth It could be above all “his” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, who Vere on more than one occasion. have shown their opposition to the implementation of environmental policies.

so we’ll see whatThe unprecedented alliance between Elisabetta and Greta This would be able to make some impact, eventually leading to concrete action on a subject that is now one of the most felt problems around the world.


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