options in the last sprint. See Lucarelli as Deputy Mayor – Corriere.it

  options in the last sprint.  See Lucarelli as Deputy Mayor - Corriere.it

Between a working lunch with the French Economy Minister, Bruno Le Maire, and meetings with heads of state in Rome for the G20 Roberto Gualtieri, work on building the junta continues. The mayor in the final sprint. Gualtieri continues meetings and phone calls in search of the high profile team. It’s not an easy job. Because nearly two weeks after the victory, the centre-left entered turmoil, each putting forward their own names and seeking a guarantee of getting at least one spot on the team. hard Target. Because there are seven formations in the alliance, the team will probably consist of 6 politicians and 6 technicians, half men and half women. Gualtieri must proceed with diplomacy in order to avoid opening the aching council of a large and disparate coalition. But the team will have to be ready by Wednesday, given that the first session of the Capitoline Assembly is expected to take place on Thursday.

With Le Maire, Gualtieri explains, we talked about the strategic role of cities in building an even more modern, sustainable and inclusive Europe.. He is invited by the Transalpine Minister in exchange for a visit to Paris, with the mayor announcing that he will be in the French capital in mid-December, possibly accompanied by Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, for the presentation of his candidacy for the Expo. The night before, as a guest of MEF owner, Daniele Franco, Gualtieri attended a dinner with G20 finance ministers at Castel Sant’Angelo. Councilors can meet among government officials for the budget. One of the hardest boxes to fill with garbage. A proposal would have been made to the head of the department, Marco Leonardi, to plan the economic policy of the Palazzo Chigi. It will take a few days for the technician to think. The alternative is Silvia Scosze, already the holder of the delegation to the Council of Ignazio Marino, who is now in charge of the Government Task Force on the PNRR.

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At the moment the only one who seems certain of a role in the council is Sabrina Alfonsi, the most voted councilor in the Democratic Party, with a delegation to the school or Green. Maurizio Velocia can also come from Dame. On Tuesday, the Democratic Party will meet to choose the leader of the group. Still uncertain whether Giovanni Cado of Roma Futura, urban planning or public works, and Paolo Ciani of Demos, housing or social policies would be the preferred choices. At least one proxy will go on the Civic list. Coordinator Alessandro Onorato can embark on tours and major events. Even the leader of the same list, Monica Lucarelli, could play the role of deputy mayor and post in the expo match. Ecologist Civic Left has asked for an assignment for Andrea Caterci, formerly a mini-mayor at Garbatella, but the name of Michela Siculi, activist of Lucha y Siesta in the Campidoglio, is a welcome one. The Culture Dossier is on standby. On the other hand, the centre-right challenger in the ballot, Enrico Michetti, resigned as councillor, leaving the municipality. After a difficult election campaign, amid misunderstandings and misunderstandings with the coalition, he decided to return as an administrative lawyer. He will be replaced by Federico Rocca (FDI) Carlo Calenda in the first season and will then replace Francesco Carpano.

31 October 2021 | 9:00 am

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