Orange zone orders coronavirus rules for parts of Cuomo Onondoga County, yellow zone extended

Orange zone orders coronavirus rules for parts of Cuomo Onondoga County, yellow zone extended

New York – now one of the parts of Onondoga County Corona virus Orange Zone, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said today.

Orange Zone schools must switch to distance learning, although they can start an individual class after completing the testing requirements. Certain businesses in the Orange Zone also need to close.

The new Orange Zone includes parts of Syracuse, Solvay, Dewitt and Linkcourt, Cuomo said during a press conference in New York City. The county’s yellow zone, which is earlier this month and around the new Orange zone, has also been expanded:

The map shows the new coronavirus orange and yellow zones in Ond Nandaga County.Image courtesy of Ond Nandaga County

Now an exact list of which towns and school districts are in each zone was not immediately available. You can Check your address online, But the state’s search tool has not yet been updated with new maps.

The full rules of the Orange Zone include:

  • Worship houses are limited to 33% of their total capacity, below 50% and a maximum of 25 people
  • Gathering is limited to 10 people inside and outside the home
  • Compulsory high-risk businesses, including gyms and personal care providers such as Ethics and Salons, are closed.
  • Dining is limited to outdoors with a maximum of four people per table, switches from indoor and outdoor dining are allowed
  • Schools are closed for individual classes and switch to distance learning

Orange Zone schools need to be closed early, however, they can Reopen after four days If they examine each student and staff member in individual buildings. Those who test positive are not allowed to return to school until they have recovered.

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Schools are then required to conduct in-house testing of 25% of the population each week.

It is not yet clear when the new Orange Zone rules will come into force.

Cumo said yesterday that trends were pointing to the orange zone for parts of the county, which has set several records for new cases in recent weeks. Local Hospitals are filled.

According to Yellow Zone rules the county deals in earlier times, schools do not have to close, but buildings are ordered to be further tested. There is no need to close any business even in the Yellow Zone.

The full rules of the yellow zone include:

  • Worship houses are limited to 50% of their total capacity, outside the same cluster zone
  • Mass gatherings limited to 25 people under 50, indoors and out
  • Indoor and outdoor dining below 10, limited to a maximum of four people per table

Schools in the Yellow Zone have two weeks to test 20 percent of their students and staff. If that positive test rate of 20 percent is lower than the yellow zone’s 7-day rolling average, the district meets its testing requirement and is no longer required.

If the rate is not low, the district must test 20 percent of the population every two weeks.

To get out of the orange zone, in more populated areas like the city of Syracuse, at the end of a 10-day decline one must look at their seven-day average of their positive test percentage sinking below 2% for three days for the virus is 3% for the rest of the less populated areas .

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The percentage for leaving the Yellow Zone is 1.5% for the big city and 2% for other areas.

The state also takes into account other factors such as hospital admissions and per capita cases.

The seven-day average of the positive rate in Ond Nondaga County’s yellow zone was 5.12% as of yesterday, down from 6.58% on the week of November 8.

Indoor and outdoor gatherings at private homes everywhere in New York Now capped at 10 people, Even in areas that are not in the cluster zone. Bars, rest restaurants, rentals and gyms across the state should also close at 10 p.m.

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