Orange Zone, Totty to Toilers on Valentine’s Day: “Let’s note, we can’t do anything”


Genoa. “I asked the minister Be able to bring ordinance from sunday evening, Which is Valentine’s Day, A day that is of a significant value to consulates and an important world of commerce, but my request was denied because the law provides that the ordinance comes into force the day after its publication “.

Thus the Ligurian President Giovanni Parrot Already responds to Restaurant Already in these hours they are organizing new protest actions after learning that the ban would start on a holiday that would surely have brought many customers. Instead, the premises will also be closed for lunch and it will not be possible to move from one municipality to another, except in general exceptions for small towns, second homes, and valid reasons for self-certification.

“Government, Keeping political uncertainty in mind, He intended the letter to respect the law – Totti explains – the regulatory framework does not allow us to do anything, a strict measure will have no value for the next few hours and the police’s need to enforce the minister’s order Will be required If we allowed the restaurant to open for lunch, we would break the law. I hope this is the last time that this Scottish shower will harm our economy ”.

“this is a The decision which is the prerogative of the minister and therefore we take care of it Without being able in any way to intervene from a regulatory point of view – Totti reiterates – in these hourly discussions with Minister Sarpanja we have repeatedly detailed the situation in Liguria which certainly has more than 1 RT, But there are areas where it is lower and there are areas such as Sanermo and Ventimiglia, which are affected by the very strong presence of Kovid on the Côte d’Azur, affecting the whole region “.

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