Oregon officials set fire to wildfires for fear of ‘mass casualties’

Overnight gusts of wind and rising humidity helped control wildlife Oregon Who lost lives, destroyed property and burned a million acres.

But Reverend Phelps, the state’s director of emergency management, said authorities were “preparing for a mass casualty based on what we know and the number of structures lost.”

Dozens are still missing and thousands have been forced to flee their homes, Governor Kate Brown said.

State officials did not release an exact count of the deaths but at least eight were reported. Marion County Sheriff JJ Cast said Friday evening that investigators have found two victims of the Beachy Creek fire near Salem. A one-year-old boy was killed in a wildfire Washington State of Washington The toll on the entire West Bank rose to 20.

In Reg Reagan, hundreds of firefighters battled two large blazes that threatened to merge near the most populous part of the state, including the suburbs of Portland.

Brown amended the State Office of Emergency Management’s statement that half a million people had been ordered to evacuate. He said more than 100,000 people had been evacuated and about 1,000,000 had been told to either leave their homes or be prepared to do so. Scores are missing in Jackson and Marion counties, Brown added.

Jackson County Sheriff Nathan Sickler said a 41-year-old man was arrested on two counts of arson in connection with a fire that began Tuesday in the Phoenix area. The fire burned hundreds of homes and there was an ignition point near a place in Ashland where one person was found dead. Officials said the man refused to start a fire.

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Sickler said officers are working to find the missing.

“I think we’re somewhere in the neighborhood, you know, about 50 people, you know, we’re probably trying to find a little less,” he said. “It will be a process for sure.”

After days of wind, heat, and low humidity, improved weather helped with firefighting efforts.

“The wind blew a little down for us yesterday,” said Stephen Myers of the Oregon Fire Information Team.

Myers said about 500 workers were working on the fire near Portland, which was only a few miles away but the rough terrain was limiting efforts to contain the flames. If fires merge, they could generate enough heat to penetrate thousands of feet into the air, potentially igniting other areas.

Officials said more than 1,500 square miles have been burned in reg Reagan in recent days, nearly double the normal year, an area larger than Rhode Island.

In CaliforniaAt least 19 people have been killed in a record-breaking wildfire, despite crews making some progress.

A forest fire in Butt County, Northern California, has burned more than 250,000 acres. At least 10 people have been killed. Sheriff’s officials confirmed the deaths of seven more people in a fire at the North Complex on Thursday and said 16 people were missing.

Forest Department and Fire Protection Department Announced “The fire season in 2020 has been record-breaking, with not only the number of wildfires exceeding 3 million, but also six of the top 20 largest wildfires in California’s history this year.”

California Governor Gavin Newsme said the discussion surrounding the weather reversal was “over.”

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“Just come to the state of California,” he told reporters on a mountain filled with flames. “Observe it with your own eyes.”

Washington Governor Jay Insley has noted that his state experienced its second-worst fire season in the last five days since 2015. He called the blaze a “climate fire” rather than a wildfire.

“This is not an act of God,” Insley said. “It’s because we’ve changed the climate.”


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