Padua also has a center-right tilt. “Is Salvini really good for the league?”

 Padua also has a center-right tilt.

On the administrative side, Carocchio was divided: on the one hand the candidate chosen by Rome, who also lacks the support of the FDI, on the other the champion of Zia’s priorities. “In the corridors, there is malaise everywhere. Thus the other elections were lost”, says Boron, the regional councilor of the Northern League.

Apart from the centre-rights association. After the administrative matches in Rome and Milan, which were soon forgotten, today the game moves to Padua. He fielded for the next election Francesco Peghin, Salvini’s yes man, who feels a bit far west: “Tex Willer will be needed to save the city”. However, the Italian brothers did not recognize his candidacy. The local Carroccio even less, far from the base in the rebellion, almost purged from the stern fist of the captain.

“I repeat it”, he declares to the sheet. fabrizio boron, the league’s powerful regional councillor: “I give my willingness to run as mayor”. Challenging Peggin. “That a discussion table is convened and the best profile is chosen based on the programme. But the problem is that now there is no dialogue. Neither within the alliance, nor between us. Rome decides, the one who speaks goes out. Never seen this in 30 years of terrorism, And I find it difficult to understand why: the party suffers if the only answer to participation proposals is expulsion”.

Looking at recent examples, there would also be enough material for their expulsion. But the stakes are hot here, It is not the administrator of a small municipality, a veteran at sunset, a local blur. Boron is a champion of preferences, for his second term in the region, both times the most voted name of the entire Paduaan College – both in the province and city. And above all he is a center forward on the Xia list: torpedoing him would mean killing the governor. Still silent, between two fires. “Between the votes in Rome and the Covid process, it has been difficult for us to even meet him recently. But I can say one thing. Please. “When we talk, in the corridors of the building, there is malaise everywhere. All over the Veneto. Even if no one ever says it openly, but every day there is a ruckus. This includes passionate partners who have always worked together and do not understand this management of the league., I have been implementing a common plan for administrative offices since September. And on the other hand, silence, news only in the press ”. Boron smiles. “To this day I have no idea of ​​any remedy against me: go ahead and don’t care about them. Because you’re a northern leaguer inside”. And it’s on WhatsApp too: Profile image with Braveheart in Padania green instead of Scottish blue. “Our political maturity is the result of years of work: centering the voice of the region, autonomy, strong trade union. One outside appointment is not enough”.

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“Whoever orders does not know padua Closer: Here’s the only institutional role I’m with”. And Peghin, the Gunslinger candidate? Beyond the slogans he was the world champion in sailing and the local president of Confindustria. misunderstood. It is not an individual but a question of method: Padua is listened to and not conquered. It is a special city in the world, a composite between popular, industrial and managerial sectors. Hospitals and Universities. An event in which everyone is involved. To be understood completely rather than to be simple. After five years centre-left, it’s okay to focus on more control over the fight against the decline. But shouting that this is New York of the seventies is not true.”

There are also aides for blowing the nose brother of italy, “Fabrizio, but no one ever calls you here?”, Boron jokes with the Melonians. “I know his leadership very well. If this is the start of a conversation, then I see it badly.” It’s not just the Paduan standoff: Senator Luca de Carlo, the party’s regional coordinator, said that if the league does not accept Federico Sobrina’s candidacy in Verona, there will be no national level. But there will be repercussions.” A well-known fibrillation, which affects all other cities in the vote. Path combine cannot work with either or . But I understand FDI partly: for Peggin there was no conflict with the center-right sector and now discontent is raging”. , but everything is ready in terms of black smoke – including his cultural affiliation, a political movement in power: it’s called “Well Padova!”, with that exclamation point reminiscent of the old “Fare!” ” Di Tosi, the ancestor of the rebellious carocchio.

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Because despite the fireworks, there is no official announcement yet from the League for Peggin. Disturbances are inevitable on the horizon: either an unwelcome candidate inside and out, or a change after various announcements and blessings. “I do not have too many delusions. But I do not want Padua to become the symbol of a new system of verticalism”, summarizes Boron. “From communication and choice of candidates to the participation of supporters for each city, convening discussion tables 24-48 hours will suffice. again.


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